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Can cats pick up on something?

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I couldn't find the right words forb the title but I hope you still popped by and had a look. Do you think cats can pick up on certain things? the reason I ask that is because eviecat my 2 year old cat is being different. By that I mean wanting cuddles, attention and reasurrance all the time. Which isn't like her...The only thing I can think of is that me and my fiance think I might be pregnant because I am getting some very simular sytoms from when I was pregnant with Chloe. i just wondered if she could somehow pick up on that? I am probably being stupid its just nothing else has changed.

I am scared about being pregnant and I am pretty sure I am. i am just trying to keep my hopes down because in the last 2 years I have lost 3 of my baby girls and I can't handle loosing another baby. And the last thing I want to do is destress my eviecat too!

Please feel free to ignore me if you think i am being stupid. I am just trying to figure out why Eviecat is acting different and thats the only thing I can think off!

Love Eva xxx

Ps> Sorry not been around much but I've been suffering from very bad mornig sickness which is turning into all day sickness. But I do care about you all and will try and be on as much as I can!
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Yes, cats and other animals can pick up on stuff. Their noses are much more sensitive than ours, and if you are pregnant you will be giving off hormone-derived odors that your cat could smell. Hope everything works out OK for you!
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I am certain that cats can pick up on things with their people. Ever since Fred watched over me after coming home from the hospital with a kidney stone, he seems to know when I am about to have another one, even before I do. If he sits on my pillow and rubs my head with his paw, I can look for a stone soon. This has happened 3 times snce the first one. Pearl will often groom my hair when I have bad cramps.
I hope all goes well for you if you are pregnant.
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Definitely cats can pick up on things like that! They are so very empathic to our moods, feelings, and even our bodies. I've read stories of dogs basically telling their owners where tumors are, and dogs that tell their epileptic owners when a seizure is coming on. I have no doubt that Eviecat knows that somcething is different.

I'll move this to Behavior since this is mainly about Eviecat's behavior. But I do want to wish you the best if you are (or aren't for that matter) pregnant!
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Oh yeah, cats can pick up on it (dogs, too). I've heard that dogs are hired for Epileptics because they can sense changes in the human's sweating and scent and stuff, they can tell when their owner will be having a seizure!

When I was sick in December, sofa-ridden from pneumonia and eventually in the hospital... Dusty didn't leave my side. Usually Dusty stays with my daughter. My cats always sleep in the BED with me but I was on the sofa, sleeping downstairs to avoid keeping my daughter awake from all the coughing and puking. Well, Dusty seemed 'worried' and kept kneading me and getting right up to my face.

When I got out of the hospital after not being home for 5 days... the cats were all over me. I was still unable to get out of the house and in pain etc., and I swear the lil buggers just sat and stared at me during the week after I got home! They knew I was sick and in pain.

Of course now that I'm well again they are running and playing and back to destroying stuff, instead of being darling little angels.
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Yup, definitely! I have 8 kits, several of whom love to sleep in the bed with you. The week I spent in bed after surgery in 2003, there were two who stayed there the entire time, Babycakes and Rurnt. They didn't get out of the bed until I did, and as soon as I came back, they were right back there with me! Thing is, those two almost NEVER sleep in the bed with us!
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Animals can definitely pick up on your physical changes as well as emotional ones. I would bet your cat is being extra cuddly because she knows you are worried as well as possibly being pregnant. She's trying to comfort you, just like we comfort them when they aren't feeling well.
Good luck!
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yea cats can pick up on your mood. EX if you're sad they tend to be alittle more cuddly, if you're mad they're mad, you're happy they're happy.

Limerick picked up my fear of spiders... He's more afraid of them then me!!!
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I feel you are completely accurate, Eva, and this is absolutely not a foolish thought! Our kitties can detect sensations of which we are not even aware, and they certain sense our feelings. Sierra knows me better than anyone, and she always just knows how I feel and what I'm thinking. This is one of the reasons we sometimes have a difficult time preventing our kitties from getting worried when we are worried about their health, and when there's a transition of some sort, it's so important that we maintain a sense of calm so as not to be as likely to upset them. They easily pick up on our feelings.
I agree with the points previously made that many cats and dogs have been known to detect certain illness before medical professionals. Our babies are extremely intuitive!
Hope your sickness passes quickly, and congratulations! Please keep us updated!
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I think some can sense when something has changed. When Tommie was diagnosed with FELV last summer and I was waiting for a second opinion Ox jumped up and slept by my side-he VERY RARELY EVER!!! sleeps on the bed(like once /yr) . When Sheba disappeared he did the same thing. None of the others did that except him!!
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I agree too Eva- Vicket, my eldest cat is absolutely convinced I am her property, and when I had a car crash last year and my family brought me home from the hospital she glared at them and muttered every time they came near me, and for the next 36 hours she would only get off my bed for a few minutes at a time to look after herself. And James, my OTB persian boy, used to get very upset and anxious if I was ill or depressed- sometimes I knew I was down because I saw the mirrored upset in him before I recognised it in myself. Furry emotional thermometre

You take good care of yourself, very best hopes and wishes for you

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Thank you everyone for each and every reply, it means a lot to me to know I am not going crazy and that cats can pick up on things. Eviecat is being so protective over me which is really sweet and then when her daddy (my fiance) comes home she will go for a break and let her daddy look after me. She is so sweet and its really nice, it makes me feel kinda safe and protected because I am so scared I will loose this baby. I know that I am pregnant from all the symtoms and then eviecat went and sat on my tummy last night for hours which she never ever does. I am so excitted about having a baby but so scared i'll loose it and if I do how eviecat will react. Because when I lost my other 3 babies eviecat was around and got very distressed...bless her!

Strange that my kitten doesn't seem to be the same though, she is really testing us at the moment and being as naughty as she can be...like testing our boundaries. Which for me is the last thing I bneed because I need to stay calm and rest/sleep and sometimes that is impossible with her right now.

Will keep you all updated and really thank you I am so glad I am not going crazy.

Love Eva xxx
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Sweetie, you're in my prayers that this baby will be born strong and healthy {{{HUGS}}}
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