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Need stray kitty advice...(long)

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Yesterday evening Conner scared the heck out of me because I couldnt find him anywhere,,,,I checked all the normal hangouts,i.e. cabinets, under bed, in clothes basket, etc. but couldnt find him anywhere when I realized that my roommate had left the door to the utility room cracked. The utility room has a door that leads to the back yard,,which is small and has a high fence. He left it open for his dog to go in and out and I guess he didnt think Conner could get over the fence if he went out there...dumb boy. I was frantically searching all around the house and found a big beautiful stray cat. Conner was with him, and thankfully came right to me. After securing Conner back inside the house with a good chiding, I went back out to check on the other. He has got to be like 18-22 lbs. He is huge and fluffy as a persian. He is black with white tummy and a couple of orange spots,,I cant see through the fluff as to gender,but I am assuming it's a boy. He has a nub tail that wags feircely like a dog's. He is really beautiful. At first he was wary of me and didnt want me near him, once I eased me way close enough to pet him, he fell in love with me!! He followed me everywhere like a puppy and meowed and rubbed me. I opened the door to our house and he came right in with me. I fed him and watered him, and sorta checked to see if he had any wounds through all of the beautiful fur, but he seemed hale and hearty. After he ate he loved on me then wanted back out, so I let him. Today I asked around and found out that he has been around for 9+ mos. The neighbors who lived in a house nearby deserted him when they moved and he has been hanging around ever since,,, He is very sweet and I dont know what to do with him. Tony wont let me keep him, and he is actually right. I cant afford the vet/food bills for another baby. If I had to guess I'd say he was about 4-6 years. The only shelter around is a kill shelter and I will not take him there!! I want a good home for him,,the neighbors say since he's been surviving this long to just leave him,,I dont think that's wise. He was obviously loved once upon a time and deserves to be loved again. My question is,,,what do I do with him?? How do I find him a good home on my own? I feel attached to this kitty somewhat already, and if we werent moving in a week I would just continue to care for him as an outside cat, but we are leaving to move to apts. and we couldnt do that there. It is a good thing that Tony is the voice of reason here (although he also thinks the cat is absolutely charming), because other wise, I would have a second cat. I know with out a doubt that it is not a good idea to keep him myself, I have Conner and he is my baby, so Im in a quandary?? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If it was me, I'd be in the same quandry. I know I can't take in anymore kitties due to the vet bills. Food bills won't bother me. I can adjust for that. But Vet bills can run $100 at a time.

I'm bumping you up so you can get some suggestions. :bump:
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Thank you Sandy. I really need advice,,so I'm bumping this,,I know many of you have or deal with strays,,, please, if you have any advice on what's protocol for this, please let me know?!?
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I'll move this to Caring for Strays & Ferals where it will stay "up" on the board longer, and the people who are in the know will be more likely to see it.
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Thankyou Heidi, I probably should have put it here in the first place. I appreciate you!!
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He sounds like he needs (and wants a home) Let me make a few phone calls I have some connections in Texas, let me see if I can find this big boy a place he can call his own- are you near Lewisville?
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I am in Huntsville, Tx. I do not know how far Lewisville is but I would be willing to maybe meet someone, or even drive the whole way. He is so sweet, he will probably be back tonight, so I can feed him again. Please keep me posted. I am not holding him in my house, but if you find some one who might want him I will catch him,,which shouldnt be any problem, as long as he comes back,,I am guessing he will. Thankyou for your help.
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maybe you could contact the shelter but offer to foster him for as long as it takes?
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Wow,,,Lewisville is 3 1/2 hrs away,,,,sheesh...
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I can't make promises,but I did talk to a friend. She will see what she can do and see if perhaps Houston might be the place to put him?
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