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Ok, close to being the last stupid question I ask :)

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I'm a nervous new kitty owner, so don't laugh too hard. We have a very large home, one story but 6 bedrooms three baths etc etc. So far I have kept kitty in my room, which is where all of her things are kept. She also has a tendancy to hide, and I can at least find her in there. But at night she's driving me crazy. Is it possible for a little kitty to get lost in a great big house all alone by herself? Will she figure out how to get back to my room for her food, water, litter and scratching post? I know I know, its probably the stupidist question ever, but I was thinking if I start letting her out, maybe she'll find somewhere else to prowl at night, other than up and down my bed! I plan on closing the bedroom and my bathroom door. The other doors will be open.
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Hi Stacy! I just noticed that you live in Jax, I do to
I think the kitty will be able to find herself around. But maybe you could try keeping some of the doors closed and let her get used to the house slowly. I would definately keep the bathroom doors closed, or at least the toilet seats down just to be safe.
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I would let her explore a couple of rooms at a time, and like Tanya said make sure the toilet lid is down.

Think of a kitten like a small child?!, look around the house and look for things that could harm her like the toilet seat, any cords dangling down, electrical cables that she could chew on, and anything that she could eat or drink that she shouldn't?!.

As she gets older she will know the rooms in the house like the back of her paw!!
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Well, when I got my first kitten, I kept her confined to one room. Then I gradually let her explore the house, moving the litter box a little at a time towards the basement steps. Then down on the landing of the steps. Then down to the bottom. Eventually, like within two weeks, she was going downstairs by herself and I never had a problem. Good luck and your kitty is gorgeous!
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Stacy, there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to the wellbeing of your kitty! At least not around here.

She will need a safe place to retreat to, where she feels safe and comfortable. Since she's been in your bedroom, that is her safe place right now. Is there another room where you can move her and her things to be her new room? Spend time in there with her and make that "her room". Unlike people, cats are comforted by small spaces and can be overwhelmed by too much new space at one time.

Once she's comfortable in her new room (a week or so), start introducing her to the rest of your house while you are there to supervise. She may go tearing around the place, or she may slink around and want your presence to reassure her. Then for another week or so, put her back in her room at night again reinforcing her safe place.

Well, that would be my suggestion anyway. I'll move this to Behavior.
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Hi Stacy, welcome to TCS!! I agree with Heidi, No stupid question when it comes to your kitty, you obvioiusly care for her very much, and thats what we like to see!! Again welcome, and the advice youve been given so far seems great,,the people in here are wonderful, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!!!!
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It really depends on her age and where you got her from? Cats are nocturnal and they love to hunt at night. Confining them to a room where you want to sleep, is not the best idea because they won't sleep. Prowler, who is 16 weeks old loves to jump on the dresser than fly across the room (over 6 feet!) and land THUMP on the first sleeping human he encounters! LOL Thankfully, that is usually Mike. But it is still a rude awakening!

Before you let your kitty out (again depending on age) you must cat proof your home. The easiest way to do so is take it room by room, and go in and kneel down on the floor then get down on all fours (or lie on your belly) Now look around----what do you see? Cords dangling? (mouse tails to kitties they love to chew them) small spaces that need blocking? Behind the furnace, under the stove, behind the fridge? If you have recliners, be sure they are in the seated position before you go to bed. I know one gal whose cat got up into the stool of the recliner and when she went to get off her chair...well...bye kitty So be careful, and they can when scared hide in the smallest of places.

You want to leave them safe places to hide, under the bed, under furniture is safe. You also want (again depending on age) to leave them litter pans. I buy those disposable tin foil pans at the grocery store that you use in the kitchen when I have young kittens, and fill them with a bit of litter and leave two in every room. Kittens aren't fond of holding it in till they get to the litter pan, they will just squat and go.
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