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The Stink of Advantage Flea Control

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I used Advantage on my cat for the first time, three weeks ago. Wow, does this stuff ever stink! It's actually starting to "stick" in the back of my nose, to the point that I can taste it, gross...

Are all such anti-flea topicals this nasty? If it's grossing me out, I can't imagine how poor kitty feels about wearing this "perfume."

No way am I going to apply this stuff every month -- there has to be something better! All suggestions welcome...
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Look beyond the stink to the good it does and what it prevents. It prevents fleas, which means your cat never has to be miserable, or deal with tapeworms. It is relatively safe as long as the product is actually Advantage and not a counterfeit- there are plenty of those around. It isn't as dangerous and toxic as the rest of the flea products that are over-the-counter, won't cause skin burn or other problems like flea collars. Put some vicks medicated ointment under your nose and pat yourself on the back for caring enough about your cat that you are flea-treating her every month effectively-

You also want to switch off each month, use Advantage, then Frontline, then switch back- otherwise the fleas become a bit resistant to the product.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

Perhaps I am quite sensitive to the smell of this stuff, but when I say that it "grosses me out" I really mean -- I think it's making me sick... Is Frontline less smelly?

No doubt, not having fleas is much better for kitty... But, she's strictly an indoor cat, any fleas would be accidental, carried in by me.

The reason I used the Advantage in the first place was due to an infestation that must have snuck into the house, probably on me. It was the first time in 8 years that she's had any problems of any kind, including fleas. The Advantage certainly did the trick, clearing up her problem almost immediately.

She smells awful to me, I almost can't stand being too close to her -- and it's been three weeks since I applied the stuff! I'm not sure I can take this smell any longer and the "ill" feeling it gives me. It's almost like a slight allergic reaction on my part -- slightly short of breath, an awful taste in the back of my throat.

I do appreciate your comment, but I don't think it's going to be possible to adjust to the smell and possible other sensitivities that I have to this stuff. I'll ask the Vet for some Frontline, but if that stuff make me as queasy as Advantage does... Well, I just hope it doesn't!
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Wow I thought you had just put it on her. For me it smells for about 10 minutes, and I have 12 cats I treat monthly. I don't notice it. Try eculiptus (i spelled that wrong) oil or lemon balm or something, to mask the smell. But it could be that you just have an unusual sensitivity to the product. And even indoor kitties get fleas especially when the cold weather is about to hit right after summertime- the fleas know they will die unless they go someplace warm so they beat their feet indoors however they can. One flea can jump 7 feet and one adult flea can lay 50 eggs in one day
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