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Update on Pippin

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Pippin had his staples out today and he was so well behaved at the vet's office. He let the vet assistant and me hold him stretched out while the vet removed them and didn't struggle or make a peep. I think he was glad to have them gone. One of the staples had flipped over and was probably irritating him. He's got some Animax ointment for his scar to help it heal and he has to wear an e-collar to keep him from licking up the goo.
He really hates it. He likes to follow the perimeter of a room, so he ends up bumping the collar against the wall, cupboards, etc while walking.
Other than that, he's healing well, eating and gaining weight, and doing much better in general. He has two more days with the e-collar, then he's back to sweet freedom.

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And that's great news!!!! I've been wondering how he was doing!

YAY Pippen! Go, Pippin! Go Pippin, GO PIPPIN!!!!!

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Wonderful news I'm glad he is doing so good! 2 days will go by fast.
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Nice to hear this good report!
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Fantastic, Pippin and Dev!
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Great news!!!
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Hang on in there, Pippin - it will soon be over!
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Yay for Pippin! I'm so glad to hear he's getting better.
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