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Tara has left us

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On Monday my fiance and I had our beautiful cat put to sleep. Tara approached me in a parking lot over 11 years ago, I found out she was a stray, so I brought her home and she was a part of my life ever since. I think she was part Siamese because she had blue eyes and a loud meow--especially when she was hungry!:tounge2:

She had the sweetest disposition, she would come and sit on my lap to supervise me whenever I sat at the computer.

Last Sunday, she began having trouble breathing. It was a very rough day. Dan and I were both in tears many times as we watched our poor baby. His sister took her to the vet on Monday, as I was at work, and Dan was too upset.

We found out she had a tumor in her sinus cavity. Even if the vet had found it before, the only treatment is daily antibiotics, which can be difficult to give each day due to the breathing problems.

My main consolation is the other cat we found this summer, just a baby still. I also know that we rescued Tara from a tough life on the streets and brought her into a world of love and comfort. I know we will see her again. I just miss her terribly now.
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My condolences on your recent loss Its so hard to lose a pet, as they are members of our families. I'm sure Tara will be waiting for you at The Bridge My thoughts are with you.
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I know that you will miss Tara greatly and she will never be replaced. Know that the years of love and comfort you gave her do not go un-noticed. I am sorry for your loss - I know the hurt is deep. You are in my thoughts.
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Thanks for your thoughts. She spent her last few hours being showered with attention and laying in the sun. She knew we loved her, and loved us in turn.
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I am so sorry to hear about Tara. But for all it's worth, she had a wonderful life with you. You should be proud of that. Because if you hadn't found her, her life would surely not have been as great. My condolences.

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I know how much you miss Tara. Remember how much you loved her and how much love she gave to you and,also remember; there is no difficulty breathing or running and playing, no hunger or thirst, no fear or cold chills on the other side of The Bridge.
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