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Patches on skin

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My black & white cat, Pitzel, started to scratch alot and is getting bare patches. The vet thinks she has an allergy and gave me antihistamines for her. I don't think she is FLV positive. The point is, she won't let me give her pills. So I decided to buy a highly nutritious cat food- Nutro Max- and am giving it to her, thinking that maybe she is lacking some nutrient. I think it is helping somewhat. Am I doing the right thing? Any suggestions? She appears otherwise healthy and has a good energy level. RUTH
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I moved this to the health forum, more people will see it here.
I would really stick with the vets recomedation. There are lots of tricks to get cats to take medication. If he has pinned it as an allergy than no, it's not the nutrients. Usually the cats are allergic to a specific ingredient in the food. It could even be the chicken in the food. If you want, they can do a test to see exactly what is causing the allergy. If you can pin point it, there is no need for medication.
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Yeah, I would also recommend running some allergy tests. As for the food, always give her top quality food, though that doesn't necessarily mean extra rich food.

Check out this thread about the best kind of cat food:
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Stick with the Nutro Max for now. It's been great for all my pets (1 dog, 3 cats). If not, try making homemade foods.

Those dry, itchy patches are usually "hot spots" caused by too much protein in commercial pet foods. Your cat should not get more than 24% of its nutrients from protein in each serving.

The problem could also be caused from "dead" fur under the topcoat. Make sure you brush your cat occassionally to get rid of the underlying fur.

One of the dogs I used to have had an allergy to fleas. Although we did our best to make sure we stayed "flea free", our cat at the time was a cat who often went outdoors, so it was a continuous battle. The allergy in the dog caused lots of scratching and bare spots and he had to take medication for it.

To be honest, one of the best books I've come across on natural health care is Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs and Cats. You'd be amazed with the information contained in it. Pick a copy up for yourself. I think you should also be able to get it at a local library.

Hope this helps.

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Just remember that making home made cat food is not simple - you do need to know what you're doing.

Oh and welcome Rose!
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