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Possible break? Time sensitive, please help.

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My 7 month old just hopped down from a dresser and caught his leg in either the top drawer or the handle (not sure which, I wasn't facing him). He yelped and ran under my desk, cried twice and that was the end of it. For the past 10 minutes he has been favoring his leg, keeping it up while walking, but showing no signs of distress.

He has only cried out once more and that was when I lifted him to put him on the bed to check his leg. I didn't even touch the injured area at the time. I then felt up and down the leg for swelling or any breakage. I didn't feel anything noticeable and he never showed signs of pain, but of course that does not mean it's just a sprain.

He's now putting it down a bit while he walks, but he's still limping horribly. Any one have experience with breaks and sprains in cats? If he's not better by tomorrow, I'm definitely taking him to the vet -- it's just that at the moment if it has a possibility of not being a break, I'd rather not. Our vet is incredibly expensive and to pay to bring him in for them to say, "Oh he's fine, just let him rest" is a bit out of my college-budget means right now.

He does not seem to be in any immediate pain, so is that a good indicator to wait it out a bit?
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hmm he could have sprained his hip? or part of his leg.
it does sound serious though so bring your kitty to the vet asap.
If it is serious ask the vet if you can sort out a finacial agreement.
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If he were mine, and he was holding his leg up like that, I'd take him to the vet.
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Just as a further explanation of why you should take him to the vet if he continues to liimp, we had a cat who was injured at some point (probably fell off the fence). He ended up with a leg that slid out from under him while he was sitting. He didn't have a permanent limp, and the leg really didn't bother him much, but there was obviously some sort of damage since he couldn't keep it underneath him.

Since cost is a concern, have you looked at other vets? I know that mine is a rather inexpensive clinic, but they have the kindest staff and very caring doctors. If you have doubts about being able to take him in, you might call them and ask if there are signs that it may be a break instead of a sprain. They might also be able to give you some treatment options (like icing it, perhaps?).
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He should have been to the vet already. Please take him in for an x-ray
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cats tend to hide their injuries so as not to look, well injured. if hes limping badly he's really hurtin. get him to the vet.
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