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canned food

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Does everyone feed or not feed canned food ?
I had to take Dunkin to the vet this morning he has diarrhea for sometime, I kept changing the dry food trying to find something that worked, I started him on Imas kitten food, then switched to puriena <<< Probably wrong lol, kitten chow now I have him on Hills kitten, It just won't go away.
The vet says he has a intestinal infection, he had a slightly elevated tempture, alot of gas, lympth glands were somewhat enlarged. He has had his shots been wormed and everything...
He told me not to give him canned food because of some of the things that are in it, it doesn't agree with all cats, I even tried hills, and Iam's canned.
Gave him 2 shots sent home antibotics and something for the diarrhea
and liquid vitiams, He weighs 12.5 lbs and he's only 9 months old..
Oh I pray there's nothing serious wrong with him I would die he's so sweet. I have to take him back in a week, any suggestions? Thanks
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I would give him a bit of extra dry food but see which one he likes the best?
My kitty doesnt like all cat foods and im havng a hard time finding the right one!

I think someone mentioned of creamy chicken soup canned?? or something and they were feeding that to their kitten to make it fatter.
I hope hte others can help!
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There are lots of premium canned foods out there, purina is not one of them. Canned food is good because cats need wet food. You can try Innova , california natural, felidae, petguard, solid gold, this is to name a few. I wouldn't feed them Purina if I was you.
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I mainly feed my kitties canned food but they always have some dry food available for whenever they get hungry. When I first began giving my cats canned food they had a little diarrhea until they got used to it.
Best wishes to you and your kitty! I hope he gets better!
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My cats are currently on dry food only (Precise Foundation), though I am thinking of adding some wet food soon. In the course of treating an abscess that Spot (my older cat) had, he ended up with terrible diarrhea from the antibiotics. It took a couple of weeks for it to finally go away the first time. We had switched his food to Purina OM (a vet-only brand) because it is higher in fiber. We also gave him a little bit of yogurt and some goo called "Bene-Bac". The bacteria in either of those may be helpful in soothing your kitty's intestines, so you might ask you vet about them. Your vet can tell you how much and when to give it. If the diarrhea gets worse after you start on this antibiotic, you might also ask the vet if there is a different one that is more soothing and less likely to upset the stomach.

I know that diarrhea from an unknown cause can be very frustrating. I would keep in touch with your vet and try to be patient. Sometimes these things take a while to resolve themselves. Let us know how your Dunkin is doing.
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Thanks for the infomation on the differant foods,
I also wanted to know is there something I can give him of human food once in a while?
I felt bad not giving him his small amount of canned, he's a real sad LQQKING but I don't want it to get any worse, I am just hopeing that's all it is. He Loves to eat so he looked real pityful when dinner rolled around so I'll wait untill this problem is better then maybe try something
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Originally Posted by halfpint
Thanks for the infomation on the differant foods,
I also wanted to know is there something I can give him of human food once in a while?
I felt bad not giving him his small amount of canned, he's a real sad LQQKING but I don't want it to get any worse, I am just hopeing that's all it is. He Loves to eat so he looked real pityful when dinner rolled around so I'll wait untill this problem is better then maybe try something
I agree that until he's back to normal, don't try switching foods around (unless there is a prescription food your vet prescribes). And as others have said, there is a real difference between canned foods! Here is an interesting article for you on hypoallergenic carbs and which tend to be culprits re cats and dogs and food allergies (some of these ingredients are in dry food as well...ahem!):
click here

If you want to treat, just a bit, try plain boiled chicken (cooked without onions or garlic) or plain baby food meat (just check label to be sure no onions present).

Hope your kitty feels better soon,
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Well poor dunkin, he's still got the diarrhea not as bad though. I haven't given him any wet food at all, just the hill's dry, I called the vet this morning to see if they found any worms in the sample I took them, they told me no Oh I hope this is nothing serious it would break my
Dunkin is one oif the kittens I rescued from the parking lot. I will take him back to the vet on Monday morning for a recheck, I feel so bad for him, I need good vibes for him, I don't want anything to be very wrong. it will break my
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Hopefully with time and the antibiotics, your kitten will continue to get better. Some things, such as giardia are hard to diagnose (stool sample can come up negative but have this parasite...just not always easy to catch it in a sample).
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We wormed Buddy and he seemed "better", but then had to worm him again after he still threw up some more and had "stinky poo" more. The vet told us that the first worm medicine might not have worked on all types of worms, even though they did not find any worms in his sample. So he got a diffrent type of med (liquid instead of pill this time) and he is not stinky anymore and things are back to being solid again as well.
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Would the giardia cause slightly swollen lymph glands and a slight raise in tempture? That's what I think I didn't like hearing, he was tested had his shots and been nutered, I have put so much into all of the cats Love & time wise all 10 of them, but I just fell in Love ith Dunkin that's why I kept him.
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Here is an article that describes the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of giardia: click here
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CJ and Billy each get a can a day... half a can in the morning each, and half a can in the evening each. Then, they have dry food for the rest of the day to munch on, or scarf down, too, in Billy's case.

They get Purina all the way... dry food, canned food, even treats, and it's great for them! They love it, too! I guess that's why they make so many different foods, though... different needs! I hope that Dunkin gets better! He's in my prayers!
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Can I give Dunkin a small amount of baby food of some kind? him a hungry boy He hasn't had the diarrhea as often or as bad the last few days but he does still have it... Oh I hope he's going to be ok
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So long as your vet did not put him on a specialized diet (such as the IVD prescription diets that have only one protein source and one veggie per formula) to rule out food allergies, baby food is just pureed meat (just be sure to buy plain baby food with NO onions added).

When in doubt though, just call and ask your vet or one of your vet's techs
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Dunkin is doing better, he went hack to the vet this week also, he still isn't quit right, so still no canned food. The Vet said the intestinal infections are somethimes hard to get cleared up or just take extra time, he's been eating dry Hill's for kittens and baby food meat only, can I give him something like cottage cheese or yougart, or will that make him have to poo poos again? I just feel like he's not geting enough to eat.
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I wouldn't add anything to his diet without clearing it with your vet first. Yogurt with active cultures would be a good idea if the vet says yes, as antibiotics can wipe out the good bacteria in the gut, and the yogurt (or acidophilus powder) would help recolonize the gut.

Just clear it first with your vet
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My cat Elmo eats canned food everyday but that's only because he's not that fond of dry.
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Limerick get canned food as a treat. It's very fattening so I don't give it to him often.
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I learned recently that cats should get at least a can per week due to them not drinking enough h2o naturally... I love baby foods since I have one kindney girl and one who hates canned.. but read the labels and talk to the vet.. Hope the baby get s well soon
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I hope he gets better soon!
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Well Dunkin doesn't like the merrick cat food I bet he's going to drive me nutttttts,,,ahhhhhhhhhhh
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