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Radio question for: 02/14/05

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Do you celebrate Valentines Day or wish it was never invented?
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I celebrate it... but I'm learning it's not that big of a deal.
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Normally celebrate it but i have always thought that it's just a money making scheme.
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Celebrate it but not overly, just another fun day in with all the boring ones
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
I celebrate it... but I'm learning it's not that big of a deal.
Love you response Ari

Seriously, hummm I celebrate it of course with my wife & is soo fun!
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We observe it, but not extravagantly -- just cards, a little chocolate, a nice dinner -- at home. We're mushy all the time, so it doesn't change much!
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i do celebrate it, but we dont go over the top.
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I would prefer not to celebrate extravagently. A nice dinner where we can sit down and enjoy each other's company means more to me than flowers or candy or whatever.

I just hate how it's such a big push for diamonds (mainly) anymore. The underlying message is "She won't know you love her unless you get her a BIG rock!" That's just rubbish. It's getting to be just as bad at Mother's Day, too, which just annoys me to no end.

OK, rant over. Sorry!
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We celebrate it mostly because it's the day we got engaged, but we don't go all-out. It's a nice reminder that we should tell those whom we love that we care about them, but I agree that the marketing of this holiday is out of control!
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I'm not a big fan of it, it just seems like another Hallmark holiday created to sell cards and flowers. I would much rather be surprised by my boyfriend getting me those things just on some randon day because he was thinking of me. It makes it less special when he's doing it because he feels he has to.
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Well, my ex and I always went to dinner for V-day but it was nothing special really because we always went to dinner.. This year, I'm not doing anything... I'm a firm believer of 'treat me well all year long, not just on Valentine's day, my birthday or christmas...' That's how I am... I prove my love all year long, there should be no question of my feelings...
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We celebrate it - but not in a big commercial way. More as a time where we can enjoy making a fuss of each other. Restaurants here are usually interested in quick turnover to make as much profit as possible on Valentine's Day, so we'd rather spend it in together enjoying a quiet meal and bottle of wine.
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I remember when i was 12, 13, 14 i used to always run outside to see if i had a letter or some flowers but i ended up stopping to believe it!
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I think it's nice, but it's really just commercial these days - like basically all public holidays.
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It kind of rubs it in my face that I can't be with my boyfriend.

I like a bit of chocolate, exchanging a few valentines, a nice dinner. Just a small holiday. It would be more fun if school was off.
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I jump at the chance to celebrate any day!
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I try to ignore it, mostly. I'm not a big fan of the holiday. I think it's bitterness left over from my single days, even though I'm happily married now! My husband usually gets me some flowers, once in a while we'll go out to dinner.
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