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Guess How We're Going Home

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Mom and dad have decided that since we're going home and this time in the winter, we're not going home by the big yellow truck. Instead, they checked into renting a huge RV so we can all stay together. When we moved west, it was the yellow truck and dad had to sleep in it with us and mom stayed in a hotel room (she has a bad back) with our brother Joey (a Bridge puppy now). Mom did all the drivng so she deserved a bed and not the hard floor of a truck. Dad almost froze one night (mom didn't realized that she parked the truck by a lake) but made sure that we were all warm (we moved in the fall but it was still cold in some states). There were very heavy blankets on our cages. Mom and dad move us in big cages so we have water and litter boxes. They decided to get rid of all the furniture except the bedroom set (mom says you can't get this set back home -- it has a big black kitty on the mirror of the dresser and a big white kitty on the headboard of the bed) so they are shipping that along with the couch. The RV has storage in the back for boxes and mom's SUV (they are selling dad's truck here) is going to be hitched to the RV (with more boxes). Anyway, mom is really excited and we're all glad that we will all be together this time -- us kitties, mom, dad and our pupper brothers and sister.

The gang (a/k/a Frannie -- our mom)
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Dear Gang! this is great news - I am glad mom and dad have decided to move a different way this time. May your journey be swift and safe!
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Sounds like a FUN TRIP for the "Whole Family" ! When does the Journey begin ? I know you are all anxious to be BACK EAST again and I know there are a lot of old friends awaiting your Happy Return. . . . :pinky:
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Mom and dad were talking that we need to be there by the beginning of January (mom is juding a show the 3rd weekend in Connecticut) so they have decided that this will take place the week between Christmas and New Years.

The gang
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Yay! It's good to go home. Take the south route if you can - less snow. And if you need a break from the camper, remember that most Motel 6's take pets! I know it's a way off, but good voyage to you!
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Looking forward to you moving back East. SUV's are the best way to go. Have a safe trip. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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Hope it all goes well for you!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear!!!
Hope you have a safe journey!
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Frannie; What route are you taking across country? I mean, St. Louis is sorta in the middle of the country. . . . Think about it. You are welcome at my place! It's crowded, but fun! TLK
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