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Ok....let me clear up some things....I dont get upset when my cats dont behave the way I think they should behave. I know that they are independent animals, with a lot of spirit and personality. But I dont think that I should have to tolerate destructive behavior. I have had cats all of my life, and they have been well behaved cats. I know that having kittens is a big change for Samantha and for Smudge. That is not a misconception to me.
I am going to find it very hard to continue to post for advice on this website if I am going to have to deal with snarky replies. I do not know everything about cats. I dont even pretend to know everything about cats. I just think that certain replies lack tact.
Moving on....I have 2 litterboxes at this point in time. Obviously I need to get another, which is helpful advice that I have gotten from you guys off of here. The two I have, one is one of the boxes that comes with a lid, minus the lid. Neither cat wanted to go in it. I take the lid off, they use it. It does have higher sides. The other one, is a more narrow, longer box that has smaller sides, and Samantha doesnt really display difficulty getting in and out. But whoever suggested the tray, that might be worth trying just to see. Yes, she has been seen by more than one vet, and both ruled out any health issues. As I said before, they were surprised at how healthy she really was for her age. Which is kind of confusing given the fact that I know people who have cats that are much older.
I believe the smells of the kittens does kinda throw her off a little. Maybe Little Miss attacked her and they fought when I wasnt home. Maybe thats why theres also animosity. I dont want to put Samantha in her own room, because she hates that, and I dont want to do that to her. And at this point in time, I am steam cleaning my carpet every other day. I suppose I could have hardwood floors installed and just get a runner rug or something if this doesnt come to a conclusion once things settle down.
Thank you to all of those who offered some pretty good advice, and past issues. There are definitely some new things that I should try and just see if I can help Samantha figure it out.