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Beloved Oscar

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He's such a good cat everyone always said.

Oscar was my brother's cat. I haven't seen him for years since we live in different states. Oscar showed up 16 years ago when my brother's first child was a baby. He was always part of the family. He was loved.

Once, another cat bit my brother and Oscar attacked that cat. He was a protective cat. He was a very social cat. He loved his family.

I'm so sad that he's gone. I know my brother and his family and my Mom are sad too.

Oscar had kidney problems and was on an IV twice a week. He was frustrated because he was no longer allowed outside. He was thin and had adhesions around his neck. He meowed all the time. He started to have peeing problems. My brother had him put to sleep. My Mom just emailed me to let me know. I printed out "The Rainbow Bridge" to send to my brother.

I knew this day was coming, but it's so sad. I want to hug my brother. We all miss Oscar so much.
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My condolences. It sounds like he knew he was loved and part of the family and hearing how protective he was is amazing. My fond wishes go out for you and your family in this rough time.
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My heart goes out to everyone, it's so sad to loose a very much loved family member
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So sorry Rockcat, my thoughts and Prayers with the family of your brother today..
RIP Sweet Oscar...
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He sounded like everyone couldn't have loved him more. Play and jump all day, Oscar. You are free from the IVs now.
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My deepest sympathies are with you all at this sad time.
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I wish I could give your brother a hug also. After 16 years it's going to be a big adjustment for the whole family.
My heart goes out to them all.
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Thank you all so much for your kind words. I called last night and my sister in law is very upset. My brother wasn't home. The kids have always had Oscar around. You're right Emma's Friend. It WILL be a big adjustment.

I'm going to print out this thread and mail it to them. May your words bring Oscar's family comfort. Thank you all again.
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I'm sorry about Oscar, my deepest sympathies are with you and your family.
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That is so sad! My thoughts are with your brother right now

RIP Oscar sweetie, go chase those butterflies like you've never chased them before
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Our condolences to you and your family on your loss.

R.I.P. Oscar.
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Such a long time to love and be loved! RIP Oscar - you will be missed
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Condolences to your brother & his family! With a cat of Oscar's age goes, the time together was too short and the empty spaces for love shared, happy memories too deep. To be so missed by the entire family is indeed a wonderful tribute to a very special cat. Captiva & RosieMac are right, though, Oscar is chasing butterflies, free from I.V.s, and knows that he is still loved!
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oh I'm so sorry to hear this, you and your family are in my thoughts!
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Thank you all. Your words are comforting to me. I printed out this thread last week and sent it to my brother and his family with "The Rainbow Bridge" and some other poems I found on TCS. I'm sure they will find comfort as well. You are all so wonderful and compassionate. THANK YOU.
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