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Will my cat always fight with the new cat?

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I just got a new cat this weekend and the cat i already hae is fighting with the new cat. How long will this go on and i also heard that one of the cats when outside may choose never to come back. I dont want this to happen, please help me.
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then please keep both cats indoors. They are going to fight becuase they are sorting out dominance. as long as they a ren't drawing blood I think you are ok. But if at all possible, you need to separate them and introduce them slowly. put one in a room with a litter box and water and food and let the other be able to sniff it under the door so they can each get used to the others smell and I'd say in a couple of weeks you can do monitored time together, and yes they will hiss and spit and when you are gone,then put the one back into the room..go on like this until you are comfortible enough to know that they aren't going to hurt each other and also make sure that the first cat gets LOTS of attention, cause they are thinking that they are being replaced so make sure that she knows you aren't going to get rid of her. Well, this is what I did and my cats spit and hissed on each side of the door and after a little while, they became best of friends.
BTW: did you go ito the cat lounge and introduce your self? we love haering about what kinds of cats you have and where you are from!
Good luck with your kitties!:tounge2:
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Cheer up Andy
It wont go on forever, but they do have things to sort out, boundires ,ownership rights. It all takes time , you will be in for some hissing spitting and growling, but it all works out in the end, dont stress too much .
I am willing to bet in a few weeks, we will be hearing stories of how they rumble and turn your house upside down.
Oh almost forgot . Welcome to our family
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Schmitty, Hi and welcome! I moved your thread to the behaviour forums, I thought you might get more responses to your question here.
I hope you will go back to the lounge and start a thread to introduce yourself and tell us more about yourself and your cats!
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Just thought I'd mention, if they are both males it may help to have them both neutered (if they're not already) this usually helps stop the "territory wars" that happen, evening out the dominance thing!! Just a thought!
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Try this link. It leads to another post about this very problem. That post gives several other links to discussions about introducing a new cat.

Good luck!

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Hey everyone

I have a new kitten who doesn't leave my 12 year old Kitty alone, I don't want them to hurt each other, but the older one is just defensive and not offensive towards it at least.

I got Kitou saturday (baby) and he doesn't leave my oldest alone (12 years old) I was surprised that the oldest didn't do more then just sniff and walk away. But the Kitou kept following him around to try to play with Minou.

I don't know how long this will go on but I don't want it to be too long. Minou seems bolder with every encounter. But he doesn't seem like he wants to hurt it.(at least)

Kitou is still too young to be spayed but he will be when he's old enough.

I hope they get along soon and sleep side by side and play.

Also about dividing attention, should I display any to any of them individually when they're together doing their get together thing? I don't want my 12 yr old to get jealous.. many things can get him jealous if he were to discover that I still feed the baby with soft food, while he has the hard food. (Which I hope the baby will get used to soon.)

Any insight or experiences regarding this is appreciated

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It sounds to me like things are going well. The kitten needs to learn the rules and the Minou is teaching the kitten just how far he can go without getting a bop on the head. I would just let things go on the way they are for now.

Regarding jealousy....make sure Minou knows she is Queen....always feed her first, pet her first, let her have all the goodies before the kitten. This way you can pay attention to the kitten, but Minou will know that she is still on top!

Regarding the food, if the kitten is old enough to be away from its mom, it is old enough for crunchy kitten food. You can put a little warm water on the food if it seems a little too crunchy for the baby.
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That's very true, all of it.. They're both boys though.

But today I put them together again, Kitou seems to aim for Minou's butt when he tries walking away. He never leaves them alone, and Minou seems much more tense then any other encounter, it's also the longest they've been together though. Minou doesn't just batt him in the head though, multiple batts and Kitou comes back for more.

I also had the Kitou worn out on the couch, and I put Minou nearby at the other end of the couch, Kitou was sleeping but he still jumped off.

I hope they get used to each other soon

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I don't know if this sounds right, but they're getting worst, biting each other, they're impatient, and it seems from the kiten's point of view that he thinks he was here first lol

But I had to break them up earlier, I don't want to see blood
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I read in your post at the Lounge that your kitten is only 8 weeks old. This is really too young to be away from momma cat. So...your older cat is having to teach the kitten all of the things that a momma cat would normally teach about what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

If you watch a momma cat with her kittens you will see that the momma will bop the kittens on the head or butt or will bite them when they play too rough or when they are just too irritating. Sooner or later, the kitten will learn the rules. As long as there is no blood everything is okay. I think your old cat is showing amazing restraint even though he is loosing his temper!
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Yes I agree!

The old cat seems to know what is going on too, feeding times etc for the kitten, he watchs me go into the kittens room etc the kitten doesn't let the oldest do anything such as go eat etc without attacking him (what a lil rascal) .. and that's another question, how do you train the kitten to eat hard food? My oldest sometimes gets diarrhea, and the kitten only get soft food, when I start having feeding them together, the oldest will want to have the kitten's soft food..

I saw you said he was pretty young, I guess you're right, so he might be too young for hard food? He did eat some hard food when I put a little milk on it (instead of water)

Also, these past few days, the kitten eats more then usual, instead of 2-3 times per day, it's becoming 3-4 times..
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