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need recomendation please...

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does anyone know of or recommend a good treadmill for running? i have been shopping around for months and just have no clue what to get... both me and my hubby want to use it for running, so i it will probably be used almost everyday... i just need one with good shock absorption and durability and probably all the extras... thanks for suggestions!
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For several years I have owned one by "True". It was much more expensive than others but the warranty was also much better. I have not had any problems. It is however a very heavy beast. Which can be a good thing. It does have small wheels the front in case you want to move it around, but if you have to move it down steps-will they delivered mine assembled-it took three men to carry it down the steps. You want to find out the weight capacity mine will work for people up to 250 lbs. When I belonged to a gym that is the kind that they used (the much more expensive versions) This has a heart rate monitor band that one can use (I never did) both manual controls and programs. You can enter your weight. and and either at the end of the program or if you are just doing a manual program. It will tell calories burns and mileage. It has several grades. When you look at ones -say at Sears and then this one you can really tell the quality difference. Oh and it makes a nice clothes hanger and plant holder too. PM me if you want more info.
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hmm i dont know but id love to get one!
bcause im really embarrsed to run outside.
but they are so expensive
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