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How long does it take to make your bed?

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Hi all! As I was making my bed this morning I was wondering how long it takes for cat people to make their bed? Because there are kitty games to play that makes it quite process. My cats can hear the sheets rustle from anywhere in my house! Also, invariably, there is always a kitty sleeping on the bed it seems. So with 3 cats, it takes some time. Of course, I can just lock them all out but hey, that's no fun! So sometimes, it takes me all morning! So, if it take me that long with 3, how about those of you with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8?
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Hehe - hubby and I were making the bed last night, having washed all the top blankets and Lily thought it was fantastic!! She was leaping around, grabbing the sheets and blankets. In the end, we finished it off with Lily under the blankets. The others don't play when making the bed. The only one who gets involved is Tippy - who absolutely refuses to move whilst the bed is made.
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I only usually make my bed if my parents are going to come for a visit or if friends are coming over or something. There is at least always ONE cat on the bed who is so snuggled down in there, I just cannot justify disturbing the sleeping beauties in order to make my bed look good!

When I DO make my bed, the many pillows I have piled on there get squashed down anyway, because Hammie will milk-tread all over the pillows until they are squished down & mashed!
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Bijou seems to be able to hear the rustle of sheets from anywhere and just knows it must be playtime if Mom's making the bed. Mika has decided she likes playing too, so it's quite a chore to get the bed made to look half decent with 2 cats under the covers.
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Make the bed? Ivo takes it over when I get up and I'd hate to disturb her!
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I only make the bed when I put clean sheets on. I used to think, what's the point, you just get back in it. Then recently, I was vindicated when I read an article on how if you make your bed it encourages the growth of dust mites. Something about the warmth and moistness. Gross thought. But that if you leave your bed unmade, the air dries everything out and kills the mites.
But Seamus really isn't interested in the bed making process.
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what is 'make the bed'? i dont understand... well, when i first put the sheets on the bed sara likes to get underneath the fitted sheet and run corner to corner as i put it on... then i run my hand across the top of the sheet while she is still under there and she runs back and forth trying to attack me... other than that, the bed never really gets made... not because of the cats, but i would like to contribute a messy bed to laziness... yea i said it, i am lazy, if i am getting right back into it again that night, no point in making it all nice...
well, that is when my husband is deployed, when he is home, he will make the bed cuz he doesnt want the down comfortor to be scrunched up cuz it loses its fluffy-ness... so he makes it and the cat helps by pulling it back down after he pulls it up...
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Making it's no bother!, it's when i have to put clean quilt covers and sheets on thats the problem!.

They always manage to get themselves inside the quilt cover and try to catch my hands
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i make my bed nearly every day, because since now we have a loungeroom, bedroom, study all in one i would get really embarrased if someone came over.
MIL is always paranoid with mess!
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takes me about 2 seconds! lol
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I refuse to make the bed. It only gets made if I've put fresh sheets on or if there's someone coming over.
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The sheets get changed, once a week, with a great deal of "help".

"Making" the bed? A couple of times, a year - when my parents are coming over.
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I make the bed when I change the sheets Or if people are coming over, but even then I usually don't! I shut the bedroom door
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
I make the bed when I change the sheets Or if people are coming over, but even then I usually don't! I shut the bedroom door
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The other day when I was making the bed I wound up with Spyder under the flat sheet and Chuckie on top of the flat sheet but under the blankets.
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Make the bed????
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I make my bed every morning and no cats bother me so it takes me roughly 5 minutes.
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Make them do what? LOL!

After 20 years of hospital bed-making, I quit making my own bed. I don't care if Mayor Bloomberg is coming over, the Pope, or Martha Stewart. Go ahead and call the bed police on me. Maybe I'll get life, well maybe not life, I think I racked up a few point along the way for those great hospital corners!
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