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What has been your worst job so far?

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My hubby is having so many problems at work, today he told me this job is the worst one he has ever had. It got me to thinking what my worst job was, and it had to be the summer I was a freshmen in high school and worked for a telephone solicitor. It was where we had to call to raise money to send handicapped children to camp. Come to find out on payday there was no paycheck, no boss, the office was closed up tight and all the money raised was gone as well. I felt badly that I had inadvertently cheated these people thinking I was doing a good thing.
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I would've been really mad about that! Hunt him/her down and scalp 'em...that's so low!!!!

My worst job was being a garbage helper...I was 10 years old and my dad owned the first garbage business in the area! LOL I'm serious! LOL...well, my Dad turned that buisness into a multi you got it...and I didn't; he died, left all the money to my stepmonster. HAHA...poor dad worked his butt off, I'll never forget the stench of those trucks...he did it for about 10 years and sold the company to one of the largest santitation companies in Florida....that's when he became a land developer and that's when I really started hating land developers; I think I was about 12 then...Anyway, I rode on the truck for two days; that was the end of that short lived career! :LOL:...ewwwwwwww...nasty!
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About 10 years ago I worked for a chain saw company, Hissy and Mr Cat will know it..Carlton Chain. They make chains for many brands, like McCulloch.
I ran a few different machines, mainly the Loop Join Machine, it took a rack of about 200 chains, and I took each one and put it on the machines tray, added a tie, and hit a button that brought down a plate that SQUISHED it tight. In my 5 months there I watched 2 men totally crush their hands in the machine! It was a very gory site!
Rule #1...get yer hand outta the way before you hit the button!

Also, the chains were very well oiled, and when I'd come home, my boyfriend would say "oh baby, I love your perfume, is it ChainOil #5?"
He was quite the comedian, or so he thought! :LOL:
The smell of that oil seeps into your skin, hair, etc, and takes forever to wash out!
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My worst job is the job I have now. I work in a nursing home and I can handle that type of environment. One of the things that makes this job the worst is that the people I work with are very depressing. They are the type of people who have no outside interests and no real life outside of work. YUCK!!! That means when we are on break we talk mostly about work. How exciting. :sleep3: :sleep3: :sleep3: :sleep3:
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I think I have a tie for the worst job. First one being that I worked for a cleaning service. The clients paid by the hour, so whatever they wanted done, you did. Some of the houses I went into made me want to vomit. Some people would let all the cleaning go for MONTHS and then pay to have someone try and scrape the dirt off of everything.
Second is the job I have now. I will admit that with 11 cats and the dog, I am getting a deal on all the medications and such. However, I did not ever imagine how hard it would be to work at a vets office. I come home depressed alot from what I see owners doing or not doing. I have to keep my mouth shut when people tell me they are going to declaw thier cats.
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My worst job is my present job with a former boss. The former principal of my school was a woman who lacked integrity to the highest degree. I could ramble on for pages about all of her escapades, but the topper for me personally was when she failed to acknowedge the passing of my father with even a single sentence. She had even met him and dined with him at a banquet 7 months prior. God knows I'm not saint, but at least I have the comfort of knowing I won't be spending eternity sitting next to her on some sofa in the afterlife.
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lets see, the worst job I ever had. Well I guess it has to be this one I have now asst mgr of a resturant. I guess i am becoming to old to deal with customers crap about their food being cold and basically treating me like a lower form of life. It makes my blood boil!Now don't get me wrong, I want people to get what they pay for since we have REALLY high prices, but if something is wrong, please don't come back tome and treat me like I have no feelings and that I am the target for everything that has gone wrong in your day. Seriously, that is what some people do.. I mean comeon, I am doing everything in my power to make your order right and make you happy so yelling and embarrassing me in front of my staff and other customers will dampin my will to help you out as much as I can.
Sorry, just had one such customer last night and I've started to rambled on it again! My bad! I won't ramble again! Promise!
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My worst job is the one I have now. Hubby & I both work at Motorola, in the fabs, making parts for the cell phones, etc. People in there, if you ask me, don't respect you, act like a bunch of kids. They took an hour away from us, which ended up being around a 10% pay cut. They have done 3 forced shutdowns this year. They sucked us dry on vacation & sick time because of that. So, if you want to take a full day off, depending on how long you've been there, sometimes you have to wait 2 months to accumulate the 10 hours to take off. And, of course, from the shutdowns.... if you didn't have the time..... too bad, it is non-paid, unless you do unemployement. Nothing ever gets resolved if there are issues, either. (i.e. problem w/ co-workers, etc) The place is full of gossip, too.
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The worst job I ever had was also the one I made the most money doing! Believe me when I say; I did it for the money and that is the ONLY reason.
In 1971-1973 I worked as a cockail waitress in a very busy Disco Club in Wash. D.C. I worked as a Floral Designer in the daytime from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. and then worked the Club from 7:00p.m. to 2:00a.m. (Wed.thru Sat.) We wore black halter tops and tuxedo (tails) jackets, with black "hot pants" (remember those?), fishnet hose, top hats and heels. The whole club was done in a Circus motif and we were supposed to resemble Ring Masters. It was hard work; murder on the feet, legs, and back and we had to "flirt" with all types of clientel and put up with being oggled, pawed, slapped and tickled. Our salary was minimal and the "good money" came from the tips and the tips came from the "Morons, Monsters and Gorilla Pigs we served drinks to who became less tolerable and drunker the later it got. I hated it, but I did it and I was good at it too! I am still paying today for the damage to my legs, feet and back. (Not to mention my self-esteem)
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My worst job was at Salem Hospital. Now I suppose the work itself wasn't so bad since I was in the accounting office, but the people were wierd. They were surprised when I volunteered to contribute to a coworker's baby fund - the didn't even bother to ask me, I had to ask them! They got offended when I didn't go to lunch with the group, but when I did they didn't talk to me. There was another lady named Allison who came to lunch with us sometimes, I used to work very hard to remember when she was there because I knew that if I heard my name it was for her not me. One day she was actually sitting next to me, though I'm sure she didn't notice me, and somebody spoke to her and I looked up. I know I had this look on my face like "wow are you really talking to me?" and I felt so grateful and accepted for the first time. He looked at me briefly and said, "No, not you," and turned away. And he was the department head!

I got the job a few days after my mom had died of cancer, I was sad but not spacey. I left it within a month when my dad died of a heart attack. The last time I talked to him was on the phone in that office so I'll always remember it, but I wish it had been a nicer experience.
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Unfortunately the worse job, but the best paying job was as a paralegal working for lawyers. Your life is not your own. You come in early, work through lunch and stay late. Lawyers are famous for waiting till the last minute to file motions in court which means you hustle your ass getting the final product out. I definitely miss the money, but don't miss the attitudes.

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Well now,I would have to go along with "the one I have now" crowd. But to be honest all the trucking jobs in the last few years suck. I may be just getting old but living in a truck for days on end lost it's allure ages ago. Even the "short-haul" job I do now has 15 hour days as a matter of course.

However,for the past year I have been searching for a home-business that will eventually take me off the road and I think I've finally found a viable one. I suuuure don't want to be beating my brains out for peanuts when I finally have my Barbara home. I'd much rather let her play me out!!

Hang onto your dreams and go for it.
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HEY TIGGER..... I used to work for Motorola ( The Phoenix Plant & the Mesa PLant), about 20 years ago, Back when 64k RAM was HOT. Anyway, the worst job I had there was an inspector, sitting at a scope all day long in a class 100 clean room inspecting completed wafers.
After I got into the Navy, the worst job I EVER had (bar none) was having to clean a turkey buzzard, well, parts of it anyway, out of a TA-4J jet fuel cell after it had been sitting on the flight line for a few hours in 105 degree texs heat. (The bird had hit the plane when it was taking off....) SO every time I think work sucks, I just remember that day.... and that smell. To this day, jet fuel makes me gag.

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The worst job I ever had was the first real job I ever had, (other than babysitting in high school) I worked in a nursing home, when I was 19, while going to college. I was an aid, and having to clean up vomit, and....well, we won't go there, but you get the drift....uggggggggg.
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My worst job was when I was working for an Aromatherapist....the job itself was ok, quite nice sometimes with all the different oils etc....but the boss was a complete idiot, I know this is gross but he was into beastiality and weird stuff!!! Ewwwwwww!!! one day a friend and I were trying to find a particular file in his computer..(a work file ...) and up popped a list of the last things he had downloaded from the was called "free animal sex" and Im not even gonna say what the rest were!!! What a gross perv...I mean animals....c'mon!!!! Needless to say I proceeded to put my contract through the shredder and quit!!! ha ha ha, apart from that, he used to go on holiday round the world with our pay!!! We wouldn't get paid for a couple of months cos he'd decide to take our money and go on holiday.....nice guy he was......(sarcasm there...) I would still like to punch him!! :laughing:
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Gosh it has to be this one.
Nursing in this country is near impossible, we are so short of nursing staff that most of us are working double shifts.
The conditions are pathetic the pay is even more pathetic, we are short of everything but the patients, them we have plenty of, beds to put them in we dont.
We are now finding our self hiding linen and bandages .
The paper work keeps adding up we no longer have ward clerks because they cost too much.
I cant blame other nurses for not wanting to come back to the work force, at the moment not a day goes by that I do not think of quiting.
Ok thats me done complaining for one day.
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I've got a tie. About 6 yrs ago I worked in a group home for people with psychiatric disabilities. There was one resident who kept asking if I was listening to the voices in her head. That job made me feel like I should be in the home & not working for it.
My current job is working for the Canadian federal government at a call centre. I get call's all day long from people how enjoy yelling at government workers. I also monitor co-worker's calls for quality assurance (they call it spying). The management is very demanding and unsupportive. We even have to be here in snow storms. It once took me 3 hrs to get there & 3.5 hrs to get home.
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Well, I've only had two jobs and have to say that even though at the moment I work as a cleaner (clean offices, part-time job while I'm studying) and cleaning toilets and such is not my idea of a great job, my first job was much worse. I worked for a telecom company at their technical customer service, which basically meant answering calls from people whose phones were not working for some reason (please don't ask how they called us then, that joke's old.... ) Then we went on to analyse the problem, fix it by using remote connections to the phone centers, or passing the report on to the actual repairmen. Well, alright so far, but due to the small number of repairmen the customers' phones were not repaired in time, we had A LOT of angry customers who of course accused us for everything. We even had a bomb threat in one of the other technical customer service offices...

We worked three shifts, and during the night shift we were alone in charge of the personal phones -and- company phones in the whole country, and sometimes finding a repairman in the middle of the night to go fix a hospital's/police department's phone system was impossible, since the repairmen were not required to work at night or weekends. The job paid really well, especially considering I'm "just" a student, but it wasn't worth it- you needed to learn a lot about the techinical side of phones and phone centers, be nice to customers etc, but all you got was good pay and to feel bad all the time. So now I work at minimum wage or just about as a cleaner and find it much nicer!
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Some of these jobs that employers offer to people have some nerve! Not to mention that there are some that are downright horrible conditions for the employee to be working and dealing with the management and angry patients or heart goes out to ya's. I'm now working with my best friend and boss and couldn't be happier, I hope you all are currently having a great time with your new positions and with pay to commenstruate with your performance and ability.

Love & Peace,
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My worst job has to be a washing up job in a busy pub. Cleaning dirty plates was awful, the curry plates were the worst!
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I must say I never had a terrible job Well, now that you got me thinking, I did have a very boring one when I was 16. I had to type some of the phone book into a data base. I was the only person at that office and it was basically very boring but I only had to do it for 2 weeks so I didn't really mind.

I had some bad moments in the army, especially getting frustrated with stupid superiors, but overall I really enjoyed it. I only left because the internet seemed like a new el-dorado I also enjoy what I'm doing now (even though the pay is lousy )
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The ickiest job I ever had was shovelling up sawdust spills in the woodyard of a pulp mill. It wasn't too bad when they were in the yard, but when we had to shovel in the tunnels below the yard, it got pretty hot (this was a summer job the year I graduated from high school). There was one really bad one, a spill in the end of a less-used tunnel that had been there for a couple of months before they found it. Water had poured on top, so it was rotting. It was no longer sawdust but slime... this job paid pretty good, though. Gotta love unions!!

The job I had that was both the best and worst was in a geological laboratory. I got paid a full-time rate, but I only had to work 3 hours 3 days a week and 1 hour the other two. However, on the two one-hour days I had to use really scary chemicals to dissolve rock powder. The worst was hydrofluoric acid; if you get this on you, it can pass through your skin without hurting it and start dissolving your bones if you don't notice it right away. I had to carry in my purse a tube of calcium replacement cream so that if I left work and noticed a spill, I could put it on right away and get to the ER. Speaking of "ER", fans might remember an episode in which a security guard at a chemical company got a whole barrel of hydrofluoric acid spilled on him in an accident, and all they could do was just wait for all his organs and bones to dissolve and then he died. This is the stuff I was working with!!

On top of that, I had been unemployed (with no unemployment insurance) for several months prior to getting this 8-week contract, and it was 6 weeks in before they even started to pay me. !@#$%* government!!
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