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Cat Won't Eat Wet Food

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My 8-year old cat Kali suddenly stopped eating her wet food two days ago.

She had a sensitive stomach this past week and had trouble keeping wet food down in the mornings three mornings in a row, but was otherwise fine. (It seemed like she would lap up the gravy/juices/whatever you want to call it that came in the can/pouch with the food before eating the acutal meat - but then, a few minutes later, if would come back up. She would then go back to the bowl and eat the meat like nothing ever happened.) A few friends (fellow cat owners) recommended that I give her baby food for breakfast and (since her evening meal stayed down fine) give her her regular food for dinner. I did and the vomitting stopped.

Now, however, she's refusing to eat the wet food all together. She's eating her dry food a little more than before (we switched her to Eukanuba Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula last week as well and, apparently, she loves it)and I know nothing is wrong with her appetite; she was on the kitchen counter begging for steak last night and gobbled it up when I gave in and gave her a piece.

I noticed this morning when I went to change her food, there was a little (about 1/3) of the food from dinner last night missing, which I'm assuming she ate during the night after I had gone to bed. (Since she usually ate all of what I gave her within a half hour of me putting it down, I've never picked up her dish until the next feeding time. I'm also concerned about leaving food sitting around now, if she's not going to eat it right away - is that healthy?)

Kali is spoiled and I have the feeling that she's just being stubborn - but I wanted to get some second opinions. Should I worry? Should I cave in and give her something different (real meat or babyfood) or just let her live off dry food until she stops being picky and eats what I give her again?
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to TCS! Could the brand of canned food have been changed somehow? I recently had that happen - the beef flavor Jamie always loved looked and smelled a bit different, and he refused to eat it. I learned on another forum that other people's cats were also refusing to eat it anymore.
Have you tried giving her a different brand? My little picky eater often decides after about 3 months that he no longer likes a particular brand, so I have to send it into "semi-retirement" for a few months.
If you give her baby food, make certain that it doesn't contain onions. If she likes the baby food, you could always try mixing it with canned food until she accepts the canned again.
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Also, there is nothing wrong with your baby not wanting wet anymore as long as she eats enough dry. Leave it alone for a week or so and if you want then try again.
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Your instincts are right..if she's not eating her wet food within a half hour to hour, you should pull the food up, it will spoil.

Cats can be quite finicky...so long as there is no other explanation (ie. dental issue for one), I'd just give her a different canned food for variety, and if needed, mix a bit of baby food with it to get her started eating it.
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