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If ever a kitty needed a break it's this one!

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If ever a kitty deserved a chance, it is this poor Tom. My friend has made me aware of a feral she has taken in temp. He has really been through the wringer, may not even make it through surgery and she would like to keep him but she can't. She has Jack Russell terriors and other kitties that would take offense. Plus she is pregnant. She wants to crate him up and send him to me, and I would take him in a heartbeat, but she is in PA and that is a long way for an injured kitty to travel. Here are the highlights of Frosty's 9 Lives: Taken from her accounting of her encounters with him:;

this is the boss Tom in the area. He beats up on all the other strays, is mean as a snake and gets into my garbage. . Well, the cat is hissing and scratching at my dogs... so I try to chase it away. . I managed to grab him by the scruff of the neck without getting bit or scratched by an animal that I know has been running wild for years. I carried him across the street and away from where the dogs could chase him. I put him down near the corner of the trailer across the street near the woods where he could run to. Well, he didn't run. I think he's got some paralysis of his hind end. I came back across the street to get the dogs in and make sure they didn't have any claw marks in them and wash my hands good. and took him over a handfull of kitty food. He wasn't there. I looked around figuring he couldn't get too far. Couldn't find it. Don't expect him to live much longer o die = ( Poor cat. I don't mind people who allow their cats to run loose, there's no major roads around here..... but the people who "owned" him and left him run loose, moved away almost 2 years ago. @#$%$^# some people

here is more:

After not having seen it since what ? last week.. I got home and found the cat laying in the leaves in my front yard. I slowly approached it expecting it to run, it didn't. I squatted down and did the kitty call. He tried to come to me. I moved to him and petted his head, then I noticed why he was having difficulty moving. Some asshole shot him in the side, back near his hip. I caught him and put him in a crate on the porch..... gave him some food, he ate some but not all of it. Now he's got water out there. I put a blanket over his crate so there's no drafts. I called my vet and they said they couldn't do anything unless I was willing to foot the bill. I can't afford that..... they gave me the number for county control office and they told me that no one could get there till later this afternoon. We only have one no kill shelter in Pa and no one would answer the phone there. Any of the humane societies would just put him to sleep. I remembered the place where I got Winkin from...... she'd been a stray that was shot in the eye, they caught her, paid for her surgury and adopted her out. I knew they were up in Butler so I called the Butler Humane Society and they gave me the number to Second Chance Cat Rescue... I left a message on their machine. Pam said he could move out to the barn, but she's like me, doesn't have the money to fix him up either. Me Pam and Spike are willing to make a donation. Pam figures if he's made it as long as he should be ok. If the Second Chance people don't call back, I'm going to take him out to the barn and Pam is gonna take a look at him and try to fix him up a bit. I'm just afraid of being scratched by him in my condition.

I gave one more shot at the local no kill shelter and they finally answered. They would pay for his vet bill if I could guarantee him a good home. I got him to the vet with his gunshot wound and they took him in immediatly. The vet tech came out and told me that he hadn't been shot, he'd been hit by a car (neighborhood speed limit is 10mph.... bright white cat... he'd been hit intentionally) The vet came in and talked to me, the cat, now Frosty was in shock and in very bad shape... animic, dehydrated, skin and bones. They are going to check him for feline luk and aids... if those tests come back negative they'll try and fix him up. The vet really didn't expect him to live through the anesthesia though = ( Anyway, Frosty needs some good thoughts.

and finally the last update this evening

Frosty pulled through his surgery, even though he tried not to....... he went into cardiac/resperatory arrest, but they were able to revive him and he's now breathing on his own but will be on oxygen throughout the night and may not make it... The vet said he had broken ribs and a fractured sternem which may heal on their own or might need looked after later. But for now he's alive !

*If you can manage some good thoughts for this fighter and know of anyway you might be able to help him would you email me please? Maybe you know someone in that area that might give him a good home and lots of love???? I think he deserves that chance.
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I hope Frosty makes it through ok & makes a speedy recovery. It was so loving (cant find the right words) of you to care for him. Most people would've just let him die. I hope you are able to find him a loving home!
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I am too far away, Kara took this on herself. If I was closer I would take this old fighter in a moment, give him a dignified name and he would live like royalty here with my group. But he is clear over on the other coast- so my hands are pretty much tied.
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That's really a bummer..I'd take him in a heartbeat if she lived closer, I don't know anyone up that way either...
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I am heartbroken...

They ask for so little.We have done so much to them,still all they want is to give to us.

Thank you,hissy...(Ask Kara)
Please stand by him till he is some better and you find him a place to rest.

Man's inhumanity continues to astound me.I really get upset at this sort of thing.
....Good on 'ya,hissy !Can you forward a request to Kara:
Please,cuddle the Tom for me and Lady Hawk ?

...*subdued DV8*
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My heart is aching for this proud cat. Don't we have any members in Pennsylvania that can help? If it is a question of funds to help his current foster mom care for him you can count me in for a donation!
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It is still touch and go. The kitty is covered with skin tumors, very anemic and really sick. Please send prayers- he does have a forever home when he pulls out of this!
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Poor Frosty - such a hard life and now to be so sick on top of that. I am sending kitty prayers his way - and am so thankful that he will have a home if things go well for him.
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I will be praying for Frosty to pull thru so he can enjoy the forever home he deserves. What a fighter!
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Am I not reading this right? He still needs a home right; or is one of your friends taking him in? Whatever happens I just pray that this kitty at least gets a second chance in life for people to love him. That would be a great end to such a horrible tradgedy. He's in my prayers

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Hang in there,Frosty !..we are all pulling for you,Mate !

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still touch and go. Vet said he's very anemic and they don't know why. He's got skin tumors ... from what, they don't know. The vet is beginning to get testy, they've exceeded the amount of money the local no - kill shelter is willing to pay. So, I don't know how much more they'll do on him. The vet will call with another update sometime tomorrow.
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I sure hope Frosty makes it. I said a prayer just now for him, that he will pull through this, and also find a good home. Please let us know. Your friend is a real angel for doing this!
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Hissy - I know it is Sunday and all - but any word on Frosty?
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I just checked with her via email, and will let you know when I hear.
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