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Hamsters & Cats

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Hi all,

I'm a new cat owner, I adopted my gorgeous Villy from a shelter yesterday. She's 7, and black and white. She's settling in really well so far. My only concern is my hamster, will Villy try to eat him? I will not tempt fate my leaving them alone in a room together, and the hamster is in a secure cage.
Does any one have any tips or advice?
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Keep her fed...

But seriously, not all cats like to eat little furry things. Most do or at least I would assume so.. Maybe you could watch them for awhile and see how things go and if she pays much attention to the cage. I would suggest introducing them, but I would feel terrible if one became a snack... a cat is a very filling meal for a little hampster!
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My cats never bothered my daughters hamster even when she would get out of her cage, they would just point her out to me to catch her. Hamsters have a pretty mean bite and can usually take care of themselves (as long as we are not talking about a dwarf) unfornately they can't defend themselves against 3 large dogs.
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Welcome to the site!

I'll move your question to the Behavior forum.
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Thank you so much for your advice, it has helped put my mind at rest.
Yes, the hamster is a syrian hamster, he has a great set of teeth, as I had the misfortune to encounter when trying to dissuade him from eating a piece of lettuce! (poisonous to him) He is also definately not a vegetarian as his favourite food is chicken! Villy had better watch out!
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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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I personally wouldn't leave them alone together and take a chance of either getting hurt
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My former roommate had a rat and a cat at one point. Apparently the rat bit the cat on the nose, and the cat learned that while it was fun to watch the rat from a distance, she didn't want to get too close.
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Kittens and furry things raised up together seldom become prey and predator, but the older the cat is, the more inclined they are to hunt anything small that squeaks. Keep a close eye out on both of them. Somewhere I have a photo of one of my kittens that was raised in the midst of guinea pigs, but we started early and Franklin learned that they were friends, not food-
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My cats won't mess with my rats, but I do have to watch them with the mice.
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