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Is my kitty making me sick?

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Hey there. I'm new to the boards. I adopted my 11 month old baby girl, Bella on Saturday. Saturday night she pulled all of her sutures out and sunday morning I took her to the Animal ER and they stapled her up and gave her an E-collar. I think she can still get to the staples though, and I'm worried! The worst thing is this - I cannot sleep with her in the room, and there is no where else to put her It's not just her constant moving around, I am actually anxious, nervous and EXTREMELY nausious at night now. I dont know if it's that Im worried about her health and safetly or creeped out by her prowling around or what! I'm so confused and feel horrible because I dont know what to do! I know this can't be normal. It's not so much that I'm AFRAID of her as it is that maybe I'm just not used to her yet? I dont know. Am I an absolute nutcase? Help!
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Hi Stacey and welcome to the boards and our family. First of all, in my opinion, you are not a nutcase, so relax. You are a new kitty mommy, and that in itself is nervewracking. As with any new mother, we want to do things right and get nervous until we are sure we are doing everything right. When I first got my Trixie, I was a nervous wreck for the first month or so, nauseaus and everything. Things will calm down and that E collar should do the trick. Just keep an eye on your baby. By the way, in your signature, she is darling!!!
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You can tell this is your first!.

Try and not show your anxious because Bella will pick up on it straight away.

Like you she's new to you and her new home so she's going to need a little adjustment time as well.

Has she just been spayed?.

You need to spend quality time together so both of you can get to know each other better. Just try talking softly to her so she can get used to your voice and i guarantee you'll wonder what you did without her!!
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Yes, she was spayed the 10th and I adopted her the 12th. She is also an older kitten, 11 months old. I'm so glad I'm not crazy. I was so excited before I got her and now I've got something resembling morning sickness. LOL Things will eventually get better? And I'll be able to sleep?
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When you realize you have nothing to fear, yes you will be able to sleep. If not, there are always some meds your doctor can prescribe right? Have you tried keeping the cat out of your bedroom at night?

It looks so cute and adorable, I am not sure how you could possibly be scared of it. It really sounds more to me like you are scared FOR it because of its surgery? Really adorable though
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Remember she's just had surgery which is traumatic enough for them, then to get used to new surroundings on top of that?!.

Just give her plenty of love and fuss, be relaxed with her and you'll soon enjoy each others company

She'll be sleeping on your head before you manage to switch the light off like most of the cats on this site do!
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