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Help Needed with Ferals in Sydney Australia

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I'm hoping someone (or more than one) can give me a
hand with ferals near the fish markets
in Sydney. There are dozens of them running around,
many friendly. I have desexed and found homes for a
number of them, but stalled after rescuing a pregnant
very feral kitty, who now lives with me, my other
kitty (rescued off the street here 2 years ago) and
the 2 kittens, in a one bedroom rented unit with a no
pets allowed policy. I plan to keep the feral
(Tabitha) and her kittens for a number of reasons.
Ideally, I'd get some help (the numbers are well
beyond me alone) and move to larger accomodation (this
place really isn't big enough for all of us and if I'm
to even foster any more ferals I have to get a bigger
place...this place has 1 b.r., small bathroom, and combined
lounge/kitchen/dining, and i've discovered ferals
don't mix well really quickly!! Not to mention that
the cats are all very chatty and I'm worried that my
new neighbors might try to get me kicked out (I don't
think the landlord would be impressed to know I have 4
in here and about 6+ coming around for dinner every
The World League have been wonderful and are able to
assist with desexing...I could just really use some
help on the ground. It is unfortunate ferals are so
disliked here in Australia as it makes it difficult to
go public with an appeal for help, without
jeopardizing the cat's safety.
Please let me know if you can help, or point me in the
right direction, or offer advice.
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Welcome to the site Naomi!

I'll see if I can dig up some resources for you, but unfortunately right now work is calling.

I will move this to Caring for Strays & Ferals and maybe someone else can find something for you, or one of our many Aussie members may know of an organization or people who can help.
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OK, I've done a bit of searching, and I don't know if this will help or not as I am not at all familiar with the geography of Australia. It seems there is a shortage of feral proponent groups, but I did find a bit of information. Hopefully these groups will be able to point you in the right direction, or hook you up with other locals who can help.

Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc.

Address PO Box 160, Kensington Park 5068
Tel. 8331 0476

Hours Vary - recorded message provided

Fees Set fee for cat desexing

Voluntary organisation which works with cooperating vets in metropolitan and some country areas to desex cats, including stray cats, at reduced rates. Pedigree cats and cats from breeders are not eligible for assistance


# Low-priced cat desexing
# Information and advice on humane solutions to cat-related problems and cat management
I also found some information that the RSPCA has done some work with TNRing efforts in Australia, so you may want to contact your local branch and see if they can help. Also, even if they don't know of individuals, ask if they know of veterinarians who work with TNRing ferals. Call the vets and see if they will help you get in contact with others who also work for the benefit of ferals in your area who may be able to help you.
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