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Lotsa food=lotsa poo

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After my concerns on Emma and eating too much and constantly being hungry to the point of in-my-face with demanding and sad meows....he said to keep her bowl full all the time until she learns that she doesn't have to eat so much and so fast. Plus, she can afford to gain some weight. She's a little thing...approx: 2 years old but about the size of a 6 month old. Is he right?

how much is too much poop? Should she go immediately after eating? Her stool is not loose at all. She is still eating a lot (I mean, it's only been a week) and she's putting down a little over 1 cup a day. Is it too much food and/or too much poop?
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Cats generally poop once or twice a day. The amout they eat will mostly depend on what they are eating. The more "junk" in the food, the more they poop. Free feeding, which is what the vet recomended, is fine as long as she does not get fat. Most cats eat just what they need. She may be a little over the top, because she is finally being taken care of. The amount of food they should get also depends on the food you feed. Each food maufacturer will "should" give the recomended allowance on the package. Also, the size of her may just be genetics. Not all cats are going to be more than say 7 or 8lbs as an adult. What really counts is that you can't see her ribs and she is healthy. Of course you still want to be able to find her ribs in a year
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I leave dry food out for my cats all the time. Two of them are under a year, so they're still getting kitten food. My older cat is inside part of the time and outside part of the time. During the summer months he tends to get very lean and bony. I feed him kitten food also. My cats eat Eukanuba and Nutro kitten formulas. They love both of them. I'm the primary pooper scooper in my household and there isn't very much nor is it smelly!

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When I got my Loki it took about 3 months for him to realize that there would be dry food anytime he is hungry ( they are nibblers you know). I adopted him from a breeder where he was 1 of 3 brothers, he was the baby. I guess he only got the leftovers and thought he always had to fight for food (eat everything you can get your teeth into and eat it fast). If I wanted to open a can I had to lock myself in the bathroom in order to ger the task accomplished.

Regarding poop - my theory is what goes in must come out - as long as the stool is normal. My Loki's routine generally is that he poops once a day, sometimes once every 1 1/2 days. Like humans every cat is different.

Just make sure you feed premium quality food - the higher grade the food the more the body uses, therefore less waste and less poop.

All the best
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