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A New Chapter in My Life...

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Well, it's officially February 14, 2005... Today is the start of a whole new chapter in my life that I am very excited about ... I am starting my new job today, which will be a lot of fun but, more importantly, will enable me to finally become completely financially independent so Malakai and I can move out of my fathers house into my own apartment so I can finally take control of my own life... That move wont happen until April but today is the beginning of that journey...

I've also decided to restart my diet... Originally, I lost 70lbs and managed to maintain my weight for a year but the stress of the past few months caused me to gain 20lbs back and I'm disgusted ... So, I am determined to go back on my diet and lose the 20lbs that I gained back plus another 60lbs, at least...

Tonight, I spoke to my ex boyfriend, Michael... He told me that he is officially dating the girl that he's been seeing for a month and that they've taken their relationship to the next level, so to speak... So, I've come to terms with the fact that I am officially the ex-girlfriend and I have no real importance in his life anymore, despite the 4 years that we spent together... I have closed that chapter of my life and I'm okay with it....

The truth is I am in love with another man ... I have been for several months and it's a feeling that I can't even begin to describe... I can't possibly find the words to do justice to the way my heart feels when I hear his voice, see his face or kiss his lips ... No matter what happens between Adrian and I, it will be whatever is meant to happen but, in my heart, I know that we're meant to be a part of each others lives... He's been there for me when no one else was, he didnt leave my side for a moment during the hardest time in my life and for that, I love him...

And so begins a new chapter in my life... All I ask from all of you, who have become like a virtual family to me, is that you send {{{Vibes}}} of luck, encouragement and happiness my way... I will certainly need them... And, thank you all for being here for me when I need you...
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Liza, I wish you all the luck and happiness. A new job, soon-to-be new place and new boyfriend! A very good start to your "new chapter in life"
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Sending you good vibes and best wishes for new job, boyfriend, diet, and apartment. Hope that you have a fantastic year, hugs! :-)
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all the luck in the world for you....I am so happy for you..moving out of your parents house and finally being on your own feels great belive me....Good luck with Adrian....and good luck on with the weight loss. My suggestion is drink lots of water..since I have stopped drinking soda, and have just been drinking loads of water I have lost tons of weight......
all the good vibes i can muster....and if it ever gets tough just remeber we are always here.....Good luck
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It sounds to me that you are already doing great, but I wish you even better. Good luck with the new job and new bo, I hope they both work out for you.
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Wow, Liza, this is a huge day for you as you begin your new life!

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Liza, good vibes are coming from over my way too!

I moved out of my parents house last April and it does feel great to be independent and self-suffient.

Good luck with the new job, new house, new love, and new life!!! We'll all be here cheering you on along the way.
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Aww Liza, you are on your way to a wonderful period in your life, and tons of good vibes coming your way!! Enjoy this time, live one day at a time, and like you said, what is meant to be will be!!!
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Good luck to you sweetie!! Enjoy that new job, lose that weight the healthiest way possible, enjoy Adrian AND Malakai , and congrats on starting a whole new chapter.
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You know you have all of the {{{{VIBES}}}} I have coming from my direction, I love your attitude about you and Adrian how 'what is meant to be will be'. Keep it up, and Good luck with the process of moving on your own. I, unfortunately, moved out on my own when I was 15 because of my mother's alcoholism,so it's been a while,,lol, but even then, it was so great to be on my own and supporting myself,,but no matter what age you are when you first move out, if you do it on your own,,it is extremely financially hard,,but it makes it all the more special!! Hugs coming your way from me,,and the little monster sends you lots of furry headbutts!!! Good luck with the diet,,you can do it!!!!!!
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Liza - Congratulations. What a happy and sunny post - full of optimism and positive thoughts.

Loads of hugs coming your way and good wishes for the future. I'm so glad you're on your to fulfilling your dreams
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Well, Day 1 is over... It went rather smoothly... No real problems to deal with... I couldn't get Olivia to take a nap but she was still rather cooperative about sitting with me and reading while Myles slept... Laura did a great job at helping me start to transition the kids from their last nanny to me and getting Olivia used to being with me and not clinging to her... I'm exhausted but it comes with the territory, I guess... I had a few moments of wondering why in the world I chose this career path but seeing the smiles on Liv's face helped a lot... well, that and the money...

As far as my diet is concerned, I'm off to a good start... I had a salad for lunch and I'm eating a salad and some steak right now... I'm guilty of eating in front of the computer, too! I know I'm not the only one...

And, as far as I know, Adrian is still sleeping right now so, I'm gonna retype his resume cuz I promised him that I would and then I'm gonna lay in my bed and watch some movies while I flip through the IKEA catalogue

I really appreciate all the vibes you guys sent... Thank you so much and I'll continue to keep you updated on how things are going...
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So glad it went well Liza. Enjoy a good rest.
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Hello Liza, Congrats with you new life, my best wishes for you! ...
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infact i was there last week and i saw all these things for a baby's room.
1. i was thinking about ady
2. i was thinking how lovely it would be to move into a bigger house and decorate a baby room incase if i were pregnant
WE are going to ikea next month to get some more things like some drawers because they are all on sale at the moment.
we just bought a waldrobe for 30 euros!
Unfortunately ikea is a bit of a boo... when it comes to cheap good looking things they can break easily! but i still love it!
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Liza, I am sooo glad things just clicked. I hope that they continue to do so. I shoudl say that I wish I had been as together as you when I was your age (and I don't mean that in a condescending way!) just good stuff!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Liza, I am sooo glad things just clicked. I hope that they continue to do so. I shoudl say that I wish I had been as together as you when I was your age (and I don't mean that in a condescending way!) just good stuff!
Oh, Elizabeth... I wish I was as together as it seems... The truth is, this is actually a result of being very confused and stressed out over the last couple months... I dont think anyone every truly has it together but hopefully in another few months I'll be a little closer...
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No nobody ever has it 100% but you just identified what you needed to do and got it done. That's great!!
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Happy Valentine's Day and best wishes to you. It's a tough road to go down, but it sounds like you're heading in the right direction.
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Best Wishes
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