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Good gracious, somebody help me!!

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I am the HUGEST, sappiest DORK that ever lived!
Our friends and their kitty left a little while ago. (For pics of Indigo, see the Fur Pictures board! )
......So I start crying because I'm gonna miss the kitten. Give me a BREAK!
I was soooooo embarrassed!!!
That little kitty was my shadow the whole time he was here. He slept by me and several times he jumped onto my lap (no matter where I happened to be sitting), started purring like a chain saw, and cuddled like crazy.
And any time I picked him up, he just melted into my arms and didn't want me to put him down. He is a very very awesome kitty.
But come ON, crying about him leaving?!
Sometimes I simply do not understand myself.
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Awwwww. He sounds wonderful. I don't blame you for being tearful!! I am sure I would have been as well.
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I think that little kitty touched a soft place in your heart....
Kitties DO have a way of really doing that all the time!!
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Awww. Kitties have a way of doing that.
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It sounds like its time to go get yourself a NEW kitten to love!
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Sometimes a good cry can really do you good! Wonder what emptiness the kitten may have filled in your life for you to feel so sad once he is gone?
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Oh don't feel bad. Heck, I tear up when they follow me to the door in the moring and I have to leave them to go to work! Loving kitties is a wonderful thing!
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Having a big heart is certainly nothing to ask for help for darling.
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