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Vet's could be more understanding

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I won't go into how my wife, Betty, and I felt when we lost Bobcat.

A lot of you have been there and you know it isn't an easy time.

The vet called me the next day and said there were more charges that hadn't been taken care of, and how did I want to handle them ?

I went in and paid him.

I would like to think that the vets would be more understanding of how a person feels when they have lost a pet and not be so crass as to mention money when someone is grieving.

I know the vet has charges, he isn't in business for nothing, but an understanding of how we feel would go a long way, and to be treated coldly does not leave a good taste.

The vet knows who his regular customers (patients ?) are and knows that sooner or later there will come a time when a pet must be put to sleep, and I would think it makes good sense for the vet to adjust his charges during the life and regular treatment of the pet, so that when the time comes, he could simply say, "I'm sorry, and of course, there is no charge for the final treatment."

The vet has been in business long enough to be able to have enough history to know how to adjust his charges so that such will be covered, and to be treated like a tourist who stops the motor home just to get Flossie some hairball medicine is, in my opinion, just a bit cold and heartless.

I am not trying to avoid paying what is due the vet, it isn't about money, God knows, for I would pay thousands if necessary to have Bobcat back, I just think the vet could be a little more understanding and do what he could to alleviate a bad situation.

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I'm sorry you lost your beloved pet, believe me I know the feeling. But "disposing" of the dearly departed dogs and cats in not cheap by any means. Just like funeral costs, it's something you have to expect. If you ask vets they can tell you how they do it and it's kind of distrubing.
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I am very sorry for you loss, I have been on both sides of the table for euthanasia, a grieving pet owner and the tech helping the vet perform it, I know how hard it can be.At our clinic we try to let the owners know ahead of time what the charges will be and settle the bill before the euthanasia is performed, because afterward people are too emotional and just want to get out of there.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Your vet could have handled this situation a little better I think. He could have sent you a card and a letter kindy explaining why there were still some charges that you needed to take care of. I feel very fortunate, I have a very good vet that seems to know how to handle every situation. They never rush you and if you are their grieving the loss of your pet, they give you your time. May Bobcat rest in peace
I also could not help but notice the name of your beloved cat. Was he a "bobcat" like my Amber and Boris? I know this may have not been the place to ask, so I hope I didn't offend you. I just couldn't help asking because of the name
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I feel for your loss. The only thing that comes to mind is I am sure the vet did not want to make that call any more then you wanted to get it. If you really feel strongly about it, you should let them know so they can adjust their practice to better suit their customers. Feedback, even about something like this, can often go a long way to making some changes that might help others in the future.

When we just had our Elmer taken care of, we had to pay afterwords and I felt horrible for having to stand there watching my gf pay a vet bill while it was all she could do to not fall over. If we ever have to go through this again, you can bet the bill will be paid before the event so we can just leave quickly.

My condolences on your loss and I hope your able to remember the good times. Best wishes to you both.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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Dear Leonard, I have been there and done that, and I totally agree with you. Not all vets are only concerned with the "final bill" but unfortunately alot of them seem to be mainly concerned with the money issues rather than the fact that you have just lost a family member. Perhaps it would be a good idea to look for a new vet, that's what I did. I am very sorry about Bobcat, hugs to you both in your time of mourning.
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Thanks to everyone for your kind condolences. It has been a year or so now since Bobcat was with us, and like most pain, it dims with time. Bob was a black 17 pound stumpy Manx, and was a joy to our household for 16 years. His "thought for a tail" earned him the name of "Bob". Are Amber and Boris as domesticated as cats normally are, or do they retain some of their "wild" nature ? Carol, Angelbutch is a fearsome, beautiful cat and I would love to have one like him/her ! I think the perfect cat would be a cross of a Maine Coon and a Manx. I had wanted to cross a bobcat with a manx but the vet said a bobcat was not compatible with "felinus domesticus". If any of you get a chance at a Manx, don't pass it up ! You will be pleasantly surprised, as they are really a cat-and-a-half !! Leonard
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Leonard, I am so sorry for your loss. Bobcat sounds like he was a wonderful cat. I know he was loved.

Some vets are better at it. My cats are regular patients at my vets, but one day I had to bring in another cat, Mouser RIP. I was very upset and everyone - vet and receptionists were kind and caring. I stopped at the desk to pay and was told that they had to charge for the shot, but the office visit was no charge. A week later I got a sympathy card with everyone's signature.
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I'm so terribly sorry for the loss of your furkid! And I agree that your vet could have handled it better! The last one I had put to sleep, I took her in and had it done and walked right back out. My vet didn't even call about a bill, we went back in to pay it the next week, he told us he knew he didn't have to worry about us paying it, we were some of his most regular patients!
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My thoughts with you for your loss...
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When it was time to put my Sheltie to sleep, my vet did not charge me for it. He allowed me to be in there while Lance was going to sleep and even carried him to my car for me when I said that I wanted to bury him under a tree in my yard.

I guess that's the reason that I (and my entire family) have been going to the same vet for years. It does make a difference when you know the vet actually cares about such things.

I'm sorry about your experience with Bob. I hope that when/if you are ever put in that situation again, you're experience will be more positive.
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So sorry to read about your experience with the vet and your loss of Bobcat. I think some feedback to the vet's office is definately in order. I've only been through that experience once and the vet's office handled it very, very well. The did not charge for the visit but did ask if I wished to make a donation to the Purdue Vet School in my pet's memory. A few weeks later I got a card in the mail from the Purdue School thanking me for my gift. Last year when my beloved Katie passed at home we notified the vet's office. Even though they weren't involved in her final days they made a contribution to the school and sent us a lovely card with all of their signatures on it. There are nice vets out there. I hope your next experience is more pleasant.
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So sorry to hear about your loss Leonard, and the second difficult experience with the vet on top of it. Feeding back to the practice sounds like a very good idea. The vets here have a policy that when an animal needs euthanasia no mention of charges are made at all at the time, instead they send an invoice to your home with a letter a week later, and all credit to them, the letter was very sympathetically worded. It makes a difference, it's hard enough to lose a pet.

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Leonard, I'm so very sorry you lost your precious Bobcat.I agree completely, your Vet. definately behaved in such a poor manner.
Several years ago, I lost my 14 year old kitty, Christy, after her brave fight with cancer. A couple of months later, we received a card in the mail from her Vet as a reminder for her upcoming vaccinations.
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I have had different experiences on this too. When I had to take Sheba to an emergency vet and she was PTS, the vet could not have been better, let me hold her, did not rush us out and even asked a lot of good questions about her, as we were unknown to that surgery. We did have to pay then and there, but it was very sympathetically dealt with. But after Juniper passed, during surgery at his routine vet, I received reminders for shots and even a birthday card for him for a year afterwards. Just a glitch in the paperwork for them, but very upsetting for me.
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The day that I had to have my beautiful Sashya, (my 16 yr. old, Lilac Point Balinese) put to sleep, the vet took her body into another room, and came back into the room, where I was crying. She hugged me, and cried right along with me!

She said euthanizing a much-loved pet is the hardest part of her job.

"Furchild" Sashya
In My Heart Always
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Leonard, I'm so sorry for you loss. I can't believe your vet would be so heartless. There are much nicer vets out there, and I hope everyone is lucky enough to find one.

I'm with my current vet now because of what they did for us with out last cat. She had never been to him before, and the prognosis wasn't good. She passed away that evening, and when they called the next morning to check in, my mother told them what happened. They didn't even know us, but they sent mom flowers that afternoon (and it was a Saturday), and two sympathy cards - one from the vet and one from the staff, and made a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation in Eby's name.

They also treated me very kindly when I had to put a kitten to sleep. I had only had her two days at that point, and she was a foster I was planning to keep. It turned out she had distemper, but I knew that she was dying from the begining. They explain before they put her to sleep that they wouldn't charge me for the office visit or the shot, but that they needed to charge me for the bloodwork, and they sounded so apologetic. They let me hold her, and both the vet and the vet tech gave me big hugs and just let me cry. When I left the vet was cradling the kitten and talking to her, even though she was already gone. Afterwards I recived cards from both the vet and the vet tech, giving me their home phone number in case I needed to talk to someone.
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Hugs to you! RIP sweet furry!
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