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Desert Lynx

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Has anyone here ever heard of a desert lynx, I saw one in the mall yesterday and it had 6 toes and it looked like a snow leopard but it had a bobbed tail. Is $800 a good price for a desert lynx?
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Can they be domesticated like an ordinary (NO cat is ordinary ! !) cat ? ?
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Yes they are domesticated, they were in a cage with two abbysynnians(sp?) They are beautiful! The Deserts lynx can get up to 25 pounds.( at least thats what was on the care sheet.
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The desert lynx is a hybrid cat that follows the Pixie Bob breed. The Pixie Bob was one of the first recognized hybrids between a bobcat and a domesticated barn cat. However, the legend of the Pixie Bob is that it had occurred naturally by a bobcat breeding with a farmers domesticated barn cats. Pixie bobs can get quite large as compared to other domestic breeds. My Pixies make great companions for my bobcats.
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