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cat vaccinations

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Please help! There is a stray cat in my neighborhood that I have been feeding. I am considering taking full responsibility for her, as she is very affectionate and has clearly been abandoned. However, I have never owned a cat and am trying to gather information about cat vaccinations. What is a reasohnable price to pay for essential vaccinations and spaying? Thank you for your advice!
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It just depends on the area you live in. Normal vet prices would be somewhere in the 10-15 dollar range each. Spaying would be anywhere from 40-120, plus the office visit charge. Most areas have low cost clinics or programs. Where do you live?
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Oh Clare - please take in this poor unfortunate kitty!
Sounds like you love her already!
What do you say? Winter is coming........
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Awwweee....stray kitties have such thankful hearts and she'll love you so much!

Call around and compare prices, especially for spaying. There are some real rip offs but there are some places that charge about 1/2 and they are just as good.
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took one of my rescues to a low cost clinic and it only cost me $40 to neuter and get rabies and distemper vaccine. you could go to spayusa.org....they have a list of low cost clinics for different states. good luck.
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Petsmart offers vaccinations day where the office visit is free, so all you pay for are vaccinations themselves. Cities or Humane Societies sometimes also offer this program. If there is no vaccination day type program in your area expect to pay $20 or more for just an office visit.

Here's a rundown on what vaccinations cost for us recently:
FeLV= $36 (this is for both the first and second shot)
4-way Distemper-Chlamidia-Calici-Rhino= $28 (I think, all I have is a bill for $14 for the second shot)
Rabies= $10

FeLV and the 4-way are given, then in a month you have to get a second shot each.

We just got our kitten neutered and it cost $35. They charged by weight. It costs more for females, and in different areas costs vary. Our vet is the only one in town and he charges way less than the vets in the adjacent bigger city.
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That is great that you are at least thinking about rescuing the stray.
I have to tell a great story about a stray that we rescued.
Actually, my husband was the real hero! There was a cat stuck way up high in one of the trees in our boulevard. We called and called for the cat to come down, but even though he tried, he was just too scared to come down and was stuck high up in the tree. My husband and the neighbor got out the tallest extension ladder that we had. It still was not high enough to reach the desperate cat - even with my husband on the highest rung. We did not know if the fire department rescued cats anymore, so my husband being inventive, pulled his truck up to the tree and then put the ladder in the truck bed! The additional height made it so that he was able to pull the poor cat down to safety.
And yes, this stray also needed his shots and treatment for fleas and ear mites . But, it is all worth it to have been able to save him.
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