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Trap Nite off to a good start

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Tonite is trap nite #2 for me! And I just checked my traps & got "Moose" our white and choc. colored tabby feral! but I feel bad b/c he/she has blooded their nose up pretty good but in the long run that will heal & he'll/shel'll be a much happier cat to be fixed!! Im so after last sundays stressful nite, I didnt think Id get any tonite .. so WoooHoooo atleast thats another 1 down and 7 to go.

Will check in as the nite goes on!!!! Send all your good trapping vibes our way!!!
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Good Luck..remember to remove the traps as the cats go into them so the others don't get spooked.

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I did I brought him/her right in .. here he/she is ... not real happy as you can tell by its face!

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aww...his nose will be fine...and just think..once he's fixed he won't be creating any litters.

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Originally Posted by TNR1
..once he's fixed he won't be creating any litters.

EXACTLY!!! And I couldnt be happier about that!!! Still havent trapped anyone else ... getting ready to throw some chicken into the traps so we'll see how that goes!

will be back soon to give a update!

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Poor kitty. Good luck with the rest of the night!
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I'm happy to hear you got another one. S/he is a cutie. I hope you can trap a couple more tonight.

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Thanks!!! I rebaited w/ some chicken so we'll see!!!

Originally Posted by crazy4cats28
I hope you can trap a couple more tonight.
I hope so too!!!! keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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Looks like a boy to me! If you haven't done so already, cover up this trap with a towel or blanket. It will calm him down fairly quickly.

Sending lots of trapping vibes your way! Couldn't make it out to trap here this weekend as was down with the flu.

Where's the emoticon for happy trapping vibes anyway? This will have to do:

go into trap so you can visit and not have more
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Thanks Amy!

Well unfortunately Moose is the only cat I trapped tonite BUT 1 is better than none!! So he'll be dropped off tom. am bright & early for his neutering!! will give yall the specks on him once I know!

Thanks everyone for the trapping vibes and well wishes! On to next month!
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You are right one is better then none Poor cat looks so scared
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I know he looked terrified this am when I dropped him off! He was hissing & growling and thrashing around ...even w/ a towel over the trap! The SPCA said they'd put some stuff on his lil nose when they were doing the neutering so thats good! Will let ya know boy/girl etc ... this afternoon after I pick him/her up!
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Hello All! The verdict is in & we have another boy! He was neutered, given a vabies and deworming. He had a wound on his tail though almost healed they shaved it & cleaned it up & put some stuff on his nose. They said he's approx. 4-5 yrs old. O'yeah they tipped his ear too of course.

OMG he smells ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! When we got to the SPCA, I could smell this gosh awful smell ... and it figures it was our "Moose" LOL So now my van & house recks ... Ive sprayed the cat odor elminator & frebreeze and lite a bath & body works candle ... its helping but I can still smel it !

Next months feral neutering clinics are on March 7th & 14th ... so I'll be making appts for those 2 days & cross my fingers to trap & get the rest!

Thanks for all your support, advice & tips!!!!
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Hopefully you get rid of the smell soon Good luck next month Let us know how that goes too
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Thanks Rita!!
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The recovering center that our Humane Society uses for ferals to be returned is someone's heated garage (you may not have the heat issue in Virginia). It has largish cages that are set up for this purpose (litter pans, food/water bowls, boxes for privacy, sheets over the top and sides). A lot of males do have a strong odor about them when first neutered. The concrete in the garage doesn't absorb the odors and is easier to clean. They are kept after their surgery until recovered then released where they were trapped. Females are kept about a week and males for a few days.
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Wow how nice that yall have that for ferals! I released Moose this am. about 10am, his neuter wound was fine and his ear looked perfect except for part of it being missing of course!!! He took off like a bat out of h e double hockey sticks! Its 71 here today & Im wondering do ferals not show as often in warmer weather or could my ferals be MIA b/c their still spooked about the traps???

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