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fluffy & cinnamon

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I did an adoption form on Pet Finder for Fluffy & Cinnamon. My parents cant afford to get me a townhouse, and looks like I will have to go into an appartment. And, most apartments only take up to 2 pets. If any of you are in Arizona, and are looking to adopt to wonderful girls, please contact me or pm me. They are indoors only, and have not been exposed to kids. They dont really tolerate other animals.

Rightnow, I feel like jumping off of a bridge because I am so upset, its not even funny.
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i would love to take them but i dont live in the area.

I wish you all the best and good luck with it
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I am sorry that things are looking so bad right now.
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just keep them in the apartment anyway. my mom has had many a "contraband" kitty.
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We had a cat in our apt that wasnt supposed to, of course we also had a roommate that turned out to be a jerk and turned us in for the cat as well, EVEN THOUGH he knew FULL WELL about it when we all moved in together. It ended up getting him back though because he got kicked out as well, heh.

I feel for your situation and I wish you all the best and I hope you find a more workable solution that allows you to keep them. Good luck.
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OMG Kim I am SO SORRY! I hope everything turns out better for you and you figure out a way that you can keep all your kitties!!!! My heart is breaking for you!
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This must be such a very painful thing for you to have to do.
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im so sorry to hear that i must be so hard
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