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Who knows how to deal with a sprained ankle?

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It was raining too hard this weekend to actually skydive, so I got some time in the windtunnel. The wind tunnel is a freefall simulator, and is wonderful training.

The hard part is getting in and go from standing straight up into an airstream of 130=140 mph. Fun fun, but it's hard. You leap into the air, and start flying. To exit, you move to the doorway, and, using your hands on the top 1/3 of the door, pull yourself out.

Anyway, so, for whatever reason, the first exit I did on Friday one hand slipped off, and I fell backward back into the tunnel. Somehow, I landed full weight on the wire grid, and rolled my right ankle very badly. Immense pain, and immediate immobility. I managed to crawl out of the tunnel, and sat down to wait for the next round.

Turns out I sprained my ankle very badly. Swollen and bruised, and very tender. It flexes fine, it rotates mostly fine (although a serious limit on the outside), and I can bear weight on it if I go slowly.

I am icing, elevating, resting and compression bandaging it, but does anyone know anything else to do? I have to be on my feet for many hours tomorrow, and I bet dollars to donuts it's gonna hurt like you-know-what. So does anyone have any suggestions, or hints, that will make it easier?


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When i sprained my ankle badly, the hospital put on one of those pull on elastic bandages that i had to wear through the day but had to take it off on an evening along with keeping it lifted.

My job is mainly sitting anyway which helped a lot.

Is it a definate sprain?!
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It works and is ancient as far as western medicine goes
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Is it a definate sprain?!
As definite as one can be without going to the Dr. I do know nothing's broken, but it's far more than just an owie. Friday night and last night the blankets were "too heavy" to put over my foot unless it was laying a certain way. I'm pretty good about pain, inasmuch as little things don't bother me...but this sure does. Badly.

I think I'll look into the elastic sock and see. I know I will be wearing tennies tomorrow, and that's just the way it will be. And bring a whole bottle of Tylenol, too.

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I'd see what it's like tomorrow because i missed the bottom stair a few years ago, and even though i heard a crack i could still move my toes ok so i thought it was just a bad sprain, but when i had it x-rayed the following day i had broke a bone
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You might want to get it checked. The last time, that I thought my ankle was "sprained", it turned out to be torn ligaments.

In the meantime, ice, rest and elevation are good.
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Michele, here's some more advice from an Ortho site, it includes the R.I.C.E. method and more. Feel better...don't take up ballet any time soon!
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You definitely need to see a doctor. It sounds like you did what I did many years ago when I attempted to grind a banister on my skateboard. I was trying to do a pop/ollie shove-it, where you make the board rotate 180 degrees in the air under your feet before you land them back on the board, and then successively on the banister blah blah blah...

To make a long story short, I had basically jumped off a staircase and landed ahead of the board with all of my weight unevenly shifted to my front foot causing it to roll over and play dead. I was cussing and swearing of course after I caught my breath from the excruciating pain. Then I drove home. Later I went to the hospital and found that I tore all the ligaments and tendons in my ankle, but that it wasn't broken. They put a fibre cast around it and I was on crutches for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I was okay and was fitted for one of those stretchy things (I can't remember what it was called) that gives you some stability. My ankle still hurt ocassionally over the next couple years, but it feels fine now. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that if you really did tear some ligaments in your ankle you may need a cast, even though there are no broken bones.
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Thanks, guys. I've got it elevated right now, and there's an ice pack making itself known...I went to the supermarket today, and when I came home, I realized the pain - more like a muscle ache rather than a pain - had moved UP into my lower leg (outside). I do believe I need to go see a Dr. about this...that new "pain" is a tad worrisome.

I'll let you all know...tylenol is great, so far, combined with the other stuff (RICE). But it did worry me, that new pain creeping up.

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You are wise to go see the doctor!!! The pain moving up, may be only edema (swelling) moving up into the upper muscles, as I am SURE you are walking differently, and using different muscles to "favor" your sore foot. BUT, it is wise to "err on the side of caution", as you could very well have a much more severe injury!! You may find that your OTHER Leg muscles will begin hurting too, because of walking differently than usual. I hurt my ankle badly, when I was 15. No broken bones, but EXTREME pain, swelling and misery!! I had a cast put on. But I WELL remember how the muscles in my calves of both legs hurt so much, because I was walking completely differently! I hope you feel a LOT better real soon!!
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How are you today, Michelle?
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At least this is a cat site and not a horse site, your less likely to get shot here for a lame leg. Take it easy, let it heal and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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It's feeling better this morning, thanks. A lot less swelling, and movement is easier than I would've expected. Not a ton better in terms of pain, but more of an easing of the pain. I will still call the Dr, and see if he can see me today, though. Better safe than sorry, as they say. And I'll be in tennis shoes, too. LOL, what a story to break the ice for my class that I'm teaching. LOLOLOL....

And yes, I'm awfully glad no-one seems to be voting to shoot me. That would be a bit of an overreaction...especially on Valentine's day.

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Saw El Doctoro...nothing broken. I'm currently in a compression sleeve, and have orders to not wear anything other than tennies for at least 7 days. He thinks that I should be able to handle the pain, and doesn't want me on crutches if I can deal with it, because he doesn't want muscle loss. I can handle it, and so it's all good. They were so funny at the office today; one of my colleagues got a big ol' bucket, went downstairs, filled it with ice from the restaurant, and made me put my leg in it. Man, that was cold!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL, and then we didn't have any towels to dry myself off with, so we used toilet paper. Too funny. I love my office!

I will be seeing my chiropractor tomorrow, to have her make sure I'm in line everywhere else.

Thanks for the help! I do appreciate it!
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You'll be good as new in no time.
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Sure hope it's feeling 100% really soon!
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