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Sneaky Dog and Cat Fights

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This is a question for those of you who have both cats and dogs. Our 3 cats and Corky the dog actually get along quite well. They're not pals but they peacefully co-exist and there really have been no problems since we've had cats. However, they do what I call the sneaky dog and cat fights. The cats will bap him one with a sheathed paw when they think nobody is looking and it's just at the right time, nobody gets hurt. And Corky likes to steal their toys. I think the poor dog knows he's outnumbered but he controls the toys. No mouse and no puffy ball is safe with him. A cat plays with something and if he sees it he just marches right up to the cat and takes it away and then goes and hides it under his paws. I'm sure it's the alpha dog thing and the cats just let him have it but I find it quite humerous actually because in their way, they are "fighting," but nobody gets hurt. We have to have the right timing when it's kitty play time. Nobody really seems stressed and the usual butt greetings and nose greetings continue on. So how is it at your house those of you with dogs and cats?
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Sounds familiar!!!!
Misha, our dog, was the last addition to our little family...so the hierachy was already established. Whiskey was 'The Boss'. The kitty's and Misha all get along well, but there are a few swipes here and there when the kitty's want to put her back in her place...eg: if she gets too boisterous and excited. She loves to lick them, and they will usually put up with it, even enjoy it, until they have had enough!
It's the same story here with toys...if the cats are playing with something, then Misha has to have it The only one that she has respect for is Whiskey. She will never take anything from him....until he is finished playing with it! He can quell her with one little look!!!
But when they are all in a good mood, they can have some great games and are so much fun to watch!!!
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So true!
Jello gets along with the gang specially with Wawa. Must be "us boys got to stick together" relationship. I've seen them race down the driveway having a good time. Wawa will sometimes tease the girls and Jello seems to back him (he'll sneak up behind to smell their bumsies).
I've been teaching Jello to keep off the cat toys. Very difficult!
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my cat and dog absolutely love each other, they are both still young and have basically grown up with each other.
and they do nothing but play all the time, my puppy is a staffy and sox gets the better of her every time, its very funny.
But they also curl up in front of the fire together and sox is always cleaning her, theyre so sweet!
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Oh how I wish I could have a dog or two. Just not enough space or time here for them. If I were home more, I"d probably have a small dog. I wonder what my kits would do.........would be interesting!!
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Our "puppies", at 15 months old are finally beginning to settle down (too much Irish Setter in them to stay calm for long). Our alpha cat Stumpy adores dogs and has spent much of the last year trying to settle them down and teach them how to play with him. I'm happy to report that they have finally figured it out and Stumpy will spend hours on end with the dogs: rubbing on them, sleeping with them, batting at them, nibbling on them and even wrestling with them. Stumpy is 14 pounds and the dogs are 70-80 pounds. Stumpy wins.

Dakota and Spanky will sleep on top of the dogs with no qualms. It's funny, but our grey and black cats like Spike who is black. And our red tabbies prefer Sam, who is also red. They blend in together when sleeping in piles.

I like the mixture of dogs and cats, but it has been a trying last year while the puppies were still all puppy.
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