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Do you have a special Valentine?

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I was just wondering who will be celebrating Valentine's day with a special someone.

I will be celebrating it with my special love bug kitties!!
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I will be celebrating with my Hubby Nothing big, we'll go out for a nice dinner
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This year it is just Meisha and I. My hub is gone for a little while but will be returning come mid/end week.
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Im celebrating it with bf, we are sending each other e cards and when he comes home we wil decide on dinner because..
*i wanted to cook* But he want to eat the other things before they go off
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Just me and the kitts this year!. I've put men on hold for a while!
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Um, I think I have a Valentine? Maybe? What do you guys think?

Just teasing. Yup, my fiance... and of course Baylee and Max.
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I do I do! Brendan and I celebrated "pretend valentines day" yesterday as our schedules for tomorrow are insane.
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I'll be celebrating with my lovely hubby we're having a quiet meal at home and then plan to celebrate in style in Paris later in the week
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Just me and Shenandoah and Humble, unless they are off with Graycie and Go Go.
Their bedtime is 9 P.M. girls. They're only 4 3/4.
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Chris & I dont really celebrate valentines day - we have never got into all that gift giving stuff.... however we do give each other a card and we are going to go on a picnic tonight when I get home from work
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My hubby and I exchanged cards this morning, and tonight we'll be getting take away Chinese from our favorite restuarant
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Just me and the kitts this year!. I've put men on hold for a while!
Same here!! Just me and my babies....
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Rob and I don't make a big fuss. We don't do gifts, except maybe a little chocolate , but we do cards, and I make a nice dinner -- one of my "no fuss" specials, when it's a week night.
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I don't, but I don't think see Valentine's day as anything special. Now that I think of it, I have a date with a Chemistry test

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here's me and my honey Jon. He's been my Valintine for 2 1/2 years.


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Brandon and I are going out for dinner
I got my present from him today because he was worried the BEAUTIFUL roses would die I can't wait to dry them for potpoporii (SP?!?!)
I also got a handsome teddy bear named Tucker

Very traditional Valentine's Day, but I love it because Brandon is NEVER romantic through the rest of the year
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Yes, of course, the most special someone in the world, the love of my life, my baby girl!Sierra and I will be having a very special Valentine's Day feast complete with candle light and soft music!
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Yeppers my hubby
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Oddly enought I actually have a Valentine this year. This is the first time in a long time I have. But we did Valentines on Saturday as Monday is a bad day for both of us. But I'm gonna pout if he doesn't call tonight. Today of course I'll be spending my evening with my two special boys, Gandalf and Samwise. I'm gonna sneak out at lunch and buy them both a special toy.
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yes i have my boyfriend
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Will be me and the hubby....probably nothing special, at the rate we're going not even dinner out! Will probably just go home from work and crash tonight!
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After our valentine dinner, the cats and I are going to share a special cuddle time.

Its just me, a few human valentines, and of course, Orei and Princess!
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Yes, I have the best Valentine in the world... my husband, Josh. (=
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I am celebrating Valentine's Day with the love of my life, my pride and joy, my tall, dark and handsome catch, Angel.

We'll start the day playing around a bit, then I might give him a special treat, and tonight I'll rub his tummy and scratch his head, followed up with as many kisses as he can stand!

And ya know what, I bet he won't complain about a thing and will appreciate me unconditionally!
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I celebrated with my boyfriend Trent! We have been together for a year!
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I spent all day with my babies. Lately my choice of men have been terrible so spending time with my babies is a much better idea.

The funny thing is that Princess can judge my dates better than I can. She checks them out right away and makes her opinion know. She has been right about the last 3. If she doesn't like them and they come within 5 feet of me or her she will growl and hiss.
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