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Eating Habits Changed

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My 2 year old cat has been eating Iams food (both wet and dry) and all of a suden a few months back he decided he didn't like that food anymore.. I have tried every food on the market both prescription and off the shelf and no matter what I put down for him he "tries to burry it".. he will eventually eat it when he gets hungry enough.

I'm wondering if it's not the food and he's trying to tell me something else. I know he has a sensitive digestive system and I've been working with the vet. The Iams was working out very well until a few months back.. now I don't know what to do.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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He might just be bored with his food it happens.
My question is: has he been seen by your Vet - if not have you at lest run this by the Vet? If not you might wan to to eliminate any possible medical cause.

Both my cats have sensitive digestive tracks - I put them on Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs and it works great. The next suggestion I have is a lot of work - but well worth it - if you furball takes to it. How about a homemade diet?

Best of luck to you and your furbaby.
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yes I have gone back to the vet and he can't find any thing "medical" wrong with him. I have spent thousands on this cat in vet bills argh..

I thought the same thing with him being bored with him food, so I changed it.. but it doesn't matter what I put down, he tries to burry it all - that's why I thought it could be something else..

I guess he'll just have to deal with it.. I'm going back to the Iams, he seemed to like it before..

I don't know - at a loss
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As long he is not loosing weight he is still getting the nutrition that he needs. Have you tried boiled chicken - my cat loves it it just might entice him at little.
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Have you noticed any strange or outdoor cats hanging around that he can see? Has anything changed slightly in the house recently?
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a few cooked chicken livers once in a while mixed in now and then seem to add a little variety for my fur kids.
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we had a big change recently, we moved.. but the problems started before then (even before the packing). I can't think of anything that was different when this started to happen. Zippy is an inside/outside cat so any other cats hanging around he either plays with them or chases them off.. depending on his mood

I truly think it's him just being finiky, but I wasn't sure if anyone has experienced such changes. He did initially loose 2 lbs when this all started, but I've been able to get him to gain some of the weight back. (plus, I gained some for him - hehe) I think he realized that he better eat something or he will starve.. I feel bad that he doesn't seem to enjoy his food, but I don't feel guilty because I've tried EVERY type of food I can think of.

as a side note: my other cat loves this because it's been a buffet for her eating all the different types of food and Zippy's share as well.. she's a big fatty cat now.. rolly polly and loving it
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The only reason I asked is because you said he keeps burying it. Usually that means he is trying to claim it as his. So I was thinking along the lines of a cat posing a threat to him. Hmmmmm, maybe he's just very particular about his diet
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Burying food, or attempting, is a trait from undomesticated large cats.. They will bury it in an effort to assure that there will be food later. However, cats do often get bored with their food. It is their nature to have/want a variety. That is one reason large cats survive so long in the wild...they have great ability to eat variety of foods and therefore do not starve. I know it's frustrating. Hope all is well soon.
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