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Kitten Name

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If you had a all grey kitten , what would you call it????
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Sensai. Not really because he's gray, just because I like that name for a cat
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My next cat will have a human name
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Is it a boy or a girl?
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Not sure its only 14 days old hand rearing it, think female, I got three off them , someone dump then in a bin.
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Awwwwwe poor babies. Well has it exhibited (sp) any type of personality traits? Is it a good eater/greedy, is it fiesty. is it talkative?
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dimond is a good female name, miner would be a good male name. Try to stay away from popular names like Charcoal
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Its runt , but a fighter
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Originally Posted by vi04
Its runt , but a fighter
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If she is grey, they Gracie. Graycee, Graycie

Cinder may be appropriate.
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I like Smokey.
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Shadow works for boys or girls
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Yeah.... I was JUST going to say....SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!
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I always liked Popoki. It's Hawaiian for "cat". Very cute. Can't wait to hear the name you choose!
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I have a friend with a gray cat, actually it's my Lewis's sister, who's name is Smokey Jo. I think that's really cute. I have a fondness for unique human names myself. Is there a favorite person, movie or book character that you like.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
dimond is a good female name, miner would be a good male name. Try to stay away from popular names like Charcoal
Gee Thanks. I like Cinder.

There are several kitten name databases out there.
Here is one
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Since he is a fighter or survivor how about...Warrior (Ohitika in Lakota) or Lancelot. Or maybe Lucienne or Lestat or Armand. Or from the book a Hard Days Knight, Behemoth, Moth for short.
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If it is a silver-gray girl maybe Silvy or Silvia
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Our neighbor has a grey cat and she named him Pert...and somehow
the name fits him
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i have a grey cat, but with white legs so i called hinm sox
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I gotta go with Smokey..........cute name!!
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I just helped my friend pickout the cutest little gray kitten,,his name is Ezra. We are fond of human names.
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My favorite outdoor male is a big grey I named Smokey.
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I have two boy kitties that are grey though, but if I got another grey boy kitty his name would be Frodo or perhaps Legolas and if was a girl, Arwen. Gotta stick with the Lord of the Rings names, since I already have the theme going..

If I didn't have my theme though I'd name a girl Shimmer and a boy Shine. (Both Gandalf and Samwise have really shinny coats and they shimmer and shine.)
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My 1st cat when I was in my own place was a grey cat. My friend had a litter and I went to look at them and had the named picked out-MC (my cat) and called out the name MC and the first one that came was mine (for 14 yrs).
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Smokey is really a boy name. My gray cat is Princess.
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