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Late newbie

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I actually joined in December but have not been here to introduce myself and my babies yet. My name is Jennifer I am a certified vet tech in Denver colorado, and I do cat and kitten rescue from my home. I have 5 cats, a pure white male named Milo, a calico named Cali, a grey and white named Trouble, a black and white named Spirit, and my problem child (also black and white) named Sturgis. There was a sixth, but he passed away in December at the tender age of eight months old due to a heart defect, he was white with a black spot on his head, named Echo. So far I have enjoyed these forums and found some helpful information as well as passed some along.

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Hi and Welcome Cute kittes
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Thank you both.
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Welcome to TCS!
You have a lovely kitty family. I'm sorry about Echo. But I must ask, who is the cat in the baby carrier?
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The cat in baby carrier (actually a carrier for my daughters doll) is the problem child Sturgis. Sturgis was five weeks old and 2 days from starving to death when we found him, and the most unhealthy kitten I have ever seen in my life. We never found anything wrong with him that food didn't fix, but as an adult he only weighs 7 pounds and is the size of a 6 month old kitten. Sturgis will be 2 years old in May and still knows he is the baby, he still also still suckles on earlobes.
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Hi, Sierra and I are so glad you're here with us at TCS, Jennifer, Milo, Cali, Spirit, Trouble, and Sturgis! So glad you joined us and have enjoyed getting to know you! You have brought so much to our site!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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Welcome to TCS! It is always nice to see more people with training around to answer questions. Very sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing more kitty pictures.
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Hi and welcome
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Hello and welcome!!!
Those are such cute pics of your kitties!!

Milo & Sturgis, huh? Do you read the Alex Delaware novels?

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Actually no, Sturgis was named because my husband was wearing a t-shirt for the Harley Davidson festival in Sturgis, South Dakota when he met Sturgis for the first time.

Milo's name just came to while I was looking at him after the neighbor kids brought him to me infested with ear mites, coccidia, and and upper respiratory infection.
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Hi there, welcome to TCS!!
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