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What's the deal??

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Okay, sara, about 2 weeks ago, started eating/chewing on my hair... what in the world is she doing... i feed her, so she is not hungry... but she just all of a sudden started, if she sleeps with me at night i have to keep one eye open cuz she will just sit there and chomp down... or if i am sitting on the couch she will jump up in my lap, climb onto my shoulder and start chewing... what in the world is causing this irritating behavior... i would love to spray bitter apple on my hair... not gunna happen though
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Do you think Sara is grooming you??
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no, she tries to lick my legs and stuff if i am standing(or walking) and if i am sitting down my arms and face... but i dont know if the hair thing is grooming... like she will lay behind me on the couch asleep and then i will feel something pulling at the back of my head and i will turn around and she is trying to swallow my hair, so unless i am going out i try to keep it pulled up tightly but she will bite at the side of my head/hair and pull it out of the ponytail and try to eat it... it sucks cuz she does it alot when i am sleeping and i usually feel it and wake up and tell her no and she goes and lays on the other pillow, but it gets old, cuz every 10 minutes i am waking up and telling her no... i dont want to kick her out of the bedroom, but i might if she doesnt stop
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Chloe has just started doing that to me too. I attributed it to teething, but I'm interested to hear if there are other reasons that I haven't thought of.
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My cat Pippin will chew/pull on my hair if it smells unusual. Most often it happens right after I clean the bathroom.
He also attacks my friend Tim's hair. Tim wears cologne/oils a lot and strong scented hair products.
Have you changed soap or hair care products recently?

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yes, actually i have changed recently... i am all about smell-good stuff.. i didnt think about that... that could very well be it
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