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fake fish??

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would a fake aquiarum do the same job as a real one??? I've seen ones that shoot bubbles up and move the fish. I want to try it out . I live in an apartment and I can on;y have one pet, and I don't know it he counts fish or not. so instead on risking losing my apartment and/or kitty, I want to try out the fake ones. I checked out walmart, but I couldn't find any there. does ayone know whre to get one??
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Talk to your landlord. A lot of landlords will allow fish tanks up to a gallon limit. Many places don't consider fish as 'pets'... just dogs, cats, ferrets and small caged animals.

I've seen the fake fish at target before and perhaps a toy store would have them?

Good luck!!
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I have my aquarium i have a small one so it fits nicely into the house.
they arent regarded as a pet because they dont cause any damage to the house.
Because im thinking of those bubble things since they have water in them isnt it the same thing? except you dont feed them???
Call your land lord but im sure you can have live fish in the house
along with other animals that dont make noise and that are caged up
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Most landlords upon signing the lease will ask you if you have an aquarium or waterbed. Go ahead and get some fish. You will love it! In one of my old apartments, I had a 3 gallon tank, a 5 gallon, two 10 gallon tanks, a 28 gallon tank, and a 39 gallon tank. After I got rid of the 4 smaller tanks, I got a 55 gallon aquarium (with piranah (these were my ex-husbands). I no longer have any fish. I think all of the above was a bit overkill, and I got burnt out.
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I would definately check with your landlord, I checked with mine on their view of fish tanks and they said they see them as furniture. If you can't have real fish though, the only place I've seen the fake fish are at Walmart and even then only occasionally.
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