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Any Ideas on Kitty birthdays bashes or suggestions?

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Well i seem to be in a akward situation in which i cant think of **** when it comes to throwing a lil get together for my snowshoe siamese and his older sis' !st birthday. Nothing comes to mind at the very moment but simple cat food and some playtime fun to get things going. Really does anyone have any ideas or suggestions in which I could make the day a lil bit different than any ordinary play date? any at all?! Seriously, who throws a b-day party for their feline companions and what the hell do they eat and do and who knows if they'll enjoy it at all? Any recipes one might recommend to save the day, I have only one ... Custard made especially for cats with KMR replacement milk and some vanilla with other stuff. DO CAT REALLY EAT CAKE??????!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me, any would do, I have until 2/19/05 ...I'd say im down to about 9 days. A Cry for help, ALFCat.
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Personally, I never do anything for my cats' birthdays. I am just not into personifying something that they have no idea exists.
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You can check out this thread for B-day party ideas. She made a nice little "cake" for her kitty using kitty food.

Cats should not eat real cake, especially not chocolate. It's not good for them, and chocolate is actually toxic. Also, most cats are lactose intolerant so if you want to do a milk-treat for them, get Cat-Sip or something along those lines. It's a milk that is formulated for cats to be able to digest.
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I've had a birthday party for my cats (and dogs) before. I just had a couple people (my parents, grandparents and a close friend that also loves animals) over for dinner. I don't invite any other "furry guests" because my cats don't like other animals.
I buy my cats favorite treats and give that to them instead of cake but I have a cake for everyone else. I made a little birthday hat for the birthday girl to wear long enough to take a picture. I buy a couple gifts and let her open them. My family also brings gifts (I told them it isn't necessary but they still do). She LOVES to open packages.

I know the cats probably don't know the day is anything special but I still do it. My cats are part of the family so why not celebrate their birthdays. They love the extra attention.
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Julie had such a brilliant idea with Leo's cake!
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Also, Sierra and I celebrate her Birthday every year with a party complete with wrapped presents, a special Birthday meal and treats, and a candle!
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oh Deb25 your such a scrooge, lol!

Mavericks 1st birthday is coming up soon and i was wondering whether to celebrate. i bought some material to make her a couple of new toys and will probably buy her some furry mice.
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I have made pretend kitty sushi using something I have on hand called Rosie's rosedust, moistened and made into a little meatball I then roll in bonito flakes per Patrick! You could use any pate texture canned cat food to make the meatballs with, and you can find human grade bonito flakes at any Asian marketplace.
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thank you all for these wonderful birthday party ideas, so far so good. i'm starting to visualize it in my head and can actually picture myself throwing a kitty Bday bash. Cool thanks to all and keep the ideas flowing.
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I'm at a loss myself and it's Sophies 1st birthday on the 9th of march and Rosies 3rd birthday on the 11th of march.

I bought them a new blanket at christmas, along with new collars, toys etc... and just bought them new stainless steel bowls last week so they have everything!.

I'll be doing them a little grilled steak though
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its soxs' 1st birthday on march 8th, i cant say im gonna throw him a party, but i'll buy him some furry mice and some other toys.
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How about pin the tail on the german shepard? Draw a big dog and cut out some paper tails... I doubt the cats will play it much, but you can blindfold any people, spin them around and make them play.. imagine the pictures!
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I have always had birthday parties for my cats. I do not invite other cats, because it would stress all of them out and risk spreading anything one of them may have. I do invite their favorite humans and they take a piece of "cake" home to their cats.

I decorate and we play games. Any interactive game is good, especially ones with a rod and string (something they can chase). It's easy to get the humans to participate if they like to play with small remote control cars. We have several. Some cats will chase the cars; more timid cats will jump up out of the way and watch. Be sure to always supervise the cats and humans.

Tissue paper dropped on the floor is fun too. I like to loosely wrap their gifts in tissue and let them play with either. Ping pong balls are very nice toys because they are so light.

Birthday Cake

1 can (favorite flavor) regular size cat food - pate style
1 can Fancy Feast crab & shrimp (or other pate style)
approx. 15 pieces tartar control kitty treats
1 sardine sliced lengthwise
5 tiny cocktail shrimp
5 fresh, washed catnip leaves

Invert can of regular sized catfood onto crystal plate. Invert can of Fancy Feast on top of regular sized catfood. Place tartar control treats around the bottom edge of each layer. Press sardine around the sides of the large layer. Garnish top of cake with shrimp and catnip. Serves 5.

I take a photo af the kitties at the cake while it is still whole. Then I divide it so that no one eats too much and each one has their own piece of shrimp and catnip!
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Rockcat that sounds absolutely wonderful (errrr..from the cat's perspective that is!)
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Rockcat that sounds absolutely wonderful (errrr..from the cat's perspective that is!)
Awww... how sweet! Your kitty sushi sounds cat-delish!
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Decorations are always nice. Maybe some crape paper, and balloons? My guys are fascinated by them! I always have a cake of course. If you want something easy, use canned, wet, catfood. You can tip it over, or keep it in the can. Then decourate in with treats and dry catfood.

The best presents are from yourself. Try a nice, new bed, and maybe a few non-expensive toys. (I don't like to call them cheap )

Last, invite a few friends, maybe some kitties your baby gets along with, and start the party!

Remember to pull out a camera for us!

Good luck!
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