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POLL: What do you do with that yucky pooper scooper after using it?

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New cat and I just can't figure out what to do with the yuck that's left on the pooper scooper. So, here's a poll!
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I have two scoops. I soak mine in Lestoil once I'm finished with it then I scrub till it's clean.

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I also have two - but I soak mine in a bakingsoda solution and then scrub like mad.
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I have two scoops also, and I soak mine in a bleach solution, then rinse well.

On a related topic...
I read a hint somewhere that recommended using vineager to clean the litter box. I have been using a mild vineager solution for about a year now, and it has worked well. The litter boxes used to eventually pick up the smell of cat--you know what. For the last year I haven't had any problems of this type at all. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but it has worked for me.
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Do you do all this everytime!?
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My litter scoops don't get very yucky. I clean them weekly when I clean the litter box. Other people may clean their scoops more frequently.
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Okay, call me crazy, but I have only had to clean my scoops every few months if that. Of course I usually break them before I need to clean them.
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It never fails that I come home and decide to clean it to find a fresh poo and it gets on the scoop. Gross!
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It's not like the pooper scooper gets wet yucky poo on it. It "looks" pretty clean once we are done, but I just use paper towels and antibacterial dish soap and suds up. Then wash the sink with Comet.

Great tip: Lately we've been using latex gloves to scoop the poo. Its much easier to handle and you just throw the gloves away when you are done.

Of course our cats are strictly indoors and have no worms.
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Good Lord, people, it's an instrument for scooping *poop*! How clean does it need to be? I just park it in the corner near the boxes, so it isn't exposed to anything that needs to be sterile. I guess if you have to store it somewhere more public, it might be an issue.

If a chunk gets caught on my scoop, I just "swish" it in the litter box until it grabs some of the litter, is dry enough on the outside, and falls off. Then I continue scooping.
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Whew, am I glad I am not the only one who does not scrub the scoop
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I'm glad that I'm not the only pig. I have a small litter box near the ones that the cats use and that is where I store my scooper. They break often enough that they don't get gross.
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My litterbox has a place where it sits. I clean it with bleach when I clean the litterbox out and put fresh litter in it. I use scoopable litter so that is about once a month. I add new litter every time I scoop.
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I leave it on the kitchen table (not really, just wanted to kinda have you be like "what the?!" (. . . and yes, I'm a dork in real life, too ) If it doesn't look dirty, I just put it back next to the pan, and if it is dirty, it gets scrubbed with antibacterial soap and disinfectant is sprayed on (every once in a while)
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My grandma used an old kitchen utensil--a big metal slotted spoon-- as a scoop for years. Then she bought an identical new one to use for cooking, but didn't tell anyone. She said the looks on our faces when she dished out the food were priceless...
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hahaha - I can just imagine :LOL:
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I keep a small trash can with 2 bags in it next to the litter boxes. I scoop into the trash can, so it can be tied up and disposed of. After I empty the trash can, I put in more bags and store the scoop in it.
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