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My Aquarium and fish!

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AS i mentioned a few months ago i bought an aquarium and intended to give it to my parents.
Well i did! but it was still partially mine because my mother couldnt be bothered with it anymore and i knew it because she hadnt changed water since i had left and there was so much food on the bottom!!! (well i decided to take it because i realised yesterday that she is back onto the bottle)
So i bought before hand from petsmart a fish carrier.
and here are my fish!

Isnt my ornament cute???

My algae eater!!


hehe hope youve enjoyed my thread
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I'll bet Teufel is really enjoying the "TV program"!
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Aww you're such a considerate meowmy to buy Teufel such a great toy

Great pictures Fwan
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Your fish are beautiful. Thanks for caring so much about the little guys.

I'm sure your kitty is thanking you too!
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Definitely a cute ornanment.
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Teufel loves it!
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What a nice little aquarium you have! Fish can be very entertaining to watch, not to mention very serene and relaxing, as well. I'm glad that they seem to be in much better hands, and are going to be taken care of alot better.
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Nice Fish! !I used to have Rasboras too!! Their color gets very brilliant if you feed them dried worms. Right now, I only have guppies.
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Hey Fwan, you have a double relaxing view! Looking you aquarium & the pacefull of Teufel don´t tell me you don´t feel relax?
Thank you for share with us!
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Cute pics!!!
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Great pictures! The little fishie ornaments are cute. I'm glad to know it's ok to have fish and a cat. I'd like to get an aquarium myself.
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LoL thanx guys!!!
Rosboras? Is that what they are called!!!
I will go and have a look if they have worms at the store lol!
I was wondering why they looked different at the pet store before i bought them.
Yes well luckly this tank weighs aLOT!!!!!!
and that Teufel isnt able to knock it over.
as i brought the fish in in their small carrier he was already tormenting them!
I was planning to get from my bfs sister her goldfish because noone there feeds them anymore which is sad.
But i wouldnt be able to get it because it doesnt have a Top Lid and he will just dip his paws in and eat them!
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