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Water Mess

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I have a 4 year old DSH that seems to have an issue with where his water bowl is placed. He slides it all over the floor spilling it as he goes. He used to do this as a kitten so I got a big 10" ceramic clay dog water bowl that was simply too heavy for him to move. Now he's an adult, about 15 lbs, and has started doing it again. Any suggestions?
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Perhaps a cat fountain of some sort may curb his desire to move the bowl all over the place? Or maybe a bowl with a rubber, non-skid bottom?

Does he have enough toys to play with? Sometimes they do this type of thing out of boredom.
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One of my guys does this when he is trying to bury his food. For him burying the food is primary - moving the water bowl is just an added bonus.
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His food is nearby also i a ceramic bowl which he seems to worship. He's a 15lbs or so and his food is a big deal to him. He only ever eats it, ever tries to bury food . . . he might have to look for it later. I think he has enough toys . . . there's definately no shortage of stuff to smack around. Rubber non-skid used to just roll up when we tried with smaller bowls. The water on the floor really wouldn't be all that big of a deal except that it's very slippery on tile and someone is bound to get hurt.
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I care for a friend's cats quite frequently when he is away on business. I notice that when he is gone, one of his cats is more likely to drag toys over to the water bowl and drop them in, thus soaking up all the water. I interpret it as his way of saying he's pissed off that his owner is not home. It happens much more frequently when he is out of town, and usually the 2nd day, i.e. after realizing that he is not coming home that first night.

My one cat used to tear up the bathroom when I went away for a weekend. It was the only time he ever unrolled the toilet paper or bunched up all the bathroom rugs.

Now that I have 2 cats, it never happens. I am convinced that it is either a boredom or anger response.
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Honestly, Buzz, he might get a thrill about of the water moving about in the dish when he scoots it along. Maybe you could put the bowl in a different location and see if he still moves it? Sometimes the solution comes about from trial and error. Have you thought about one of those water dishes that has a reservoir? It might be too cumbersome for him to move. I'll see if I can find a picture of what I am referring to.
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This is a pretty inexpensive model that Petsmart sells.

Cat Feeder or Waterer
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George (my problem child) has done this all his adult life. I tried a bowl with a non-skid bottom then a rubber non-skid mat with his non-skid bowl So I finally got wise and got a bowl with a jug connected, but it doesn't stay as clean as they advertise. Finally, I found the solution. I got a elevated feeding station. Like this...


No problems since then.
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I have solved that problem by using a large ceramic crock-type bean pot that holds about a half gallon of water. It is too heavy to push or knock over, but they do go 'fishing' in it with their paws. It is on a placemat so the water that sloshes out gets soaked up by the placemat.

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Honestly I think he does just for fun. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think an elevated station and some new toys will probably do the trick. I'll let you all know. Thanks.
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