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Help needed with Perineal urethrostomy

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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate any advice on Perineal urethrostomy. My one year old male cat Ozzy had the operation in September 2004 after 1 major urinary obstruction, caught just in time, which was followed by another 2 in the space of one week. The poor boy was so sick that the vets advised a P-U. After the op, he was put on Hill's s-d and then c-d. But he had an infection in December, and he now had another one 2 weeks ago: high fever and generally unwell. The vet checked to see if the opening had closed up again, but when he put a cathater the urine flowed normally. He was put on antibiotics for a week, which wasn't enough since he stil had a fever. So he was put on them for an extra week. The vet said he probably had an infection around the scar.
He was fine last week and now since it seems he is in pain again. Everytime I pick him up he is in pain, and I know it comes from his opening/scar area.

To be honest I am at a loss and frustrated- the vets had assured me that after this op he would no longer suffer, because his urinary obstructions were so severe, sudden and recurrent ( 3 in one week!) that Oz, who is such a happy cat, was in constant agonizing pain. They told me after the op he would no longer suffer, and he still is. So I was wondering if anyone has a cat who has undergone the same op and how their cat was afterwards, in the following months. I can't stand seeing Ozzy in so much pain and I hope this will pass and he can finally be pain-free.
And of course, tomorrow he is going back to the vets again...

Thank you very very much

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At the clinic I work at we have a cat that had this surgery probably close to 10 years ago, and he is about 22-23 years old now. I was in on one of these surgery's for a dog and it went well, so I am not sure why your cat is still having so much trouble. There must be something else contributing to his problem, keep your vet posted so you and he/she can get your cat back to feeling the way he should.
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Hi Steph,
I had this done many years ago, on my Sasha <RB>, done before he was a year old (he kept blocking), he lived to be an oldster, and had NO problems until his last year when he had some urinary leakage.

I'm glad you are heading back to the vets, something is obviously going on since your fellow shouldn't be in this kind of pain
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thank you for your answers- well I am back from the vets and apparently this time Ozzy does not have a high fever, but because the opening is the membrane from his urtheria( i think) it is completely exposed and is very sensitive. If Ozzy licks too much, it gets irritated, creating an infection and pain. So I now have an antibiotic creme which will appease him also and a solution to clean his scar. The vet said this would solve the problem as long as I do it regularly. But he also mentioned an operation which would reduce the area of sensitive "flesh" ( sorry, i live in france and am translating ) therefore getting rid of further irritations. So as soon as I have money I will be doing this- what I don't understant is why I wasn't told of this before! It's so frustrating, it would have saved Ozzy alot of pain and also money problems for me because I am a sutdent- anyway, I am happy that he doesn't have a high fever, so here is hoping in a few days he will be fine again and this will be the end of his problems.
thanks again-
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that he feels better soon, glad you found out what the problem was...poor guy!
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