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Help with hiding cat

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Hi everyone -- I'm new! Whenever I go out of town for holidays, etc., I take my cat Sophie to stay at a friends house. She usually does fine there since she's been going there since she was a kitten. He has a new kitten now though. I took Sophie over there last night because I am going out of town for the weekend. He just called to say she is hiding under the bed and will not come out. He put her food under there this morning but she hasn't touched it. When he looks under there she just hisses and growls at him. I am concerned, because Sophie is on a diet. The vet told me that she should only lose about 1/4 of a pound a week, because dropping her weight too drastically can cause kidney problems. Do you think it will do her harm if she refuses to eat all weekend? She may adjust and start eating, but I don't know. I'm torn over whether I should cancel my trip and go get her or leave her there and hope she adjusts. Any advice?

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Maybe get her to try some cat treats or coax out with cat nip. People have been know to bribe their kids, why not their cats. She probably thinks of your friend's place as her "territory" and may be disgruntled, especially if it is another female cat. She should be fine without food as long as she is drinking. I hope your little one adjust ok!
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The rules have changed now that there is another cat in the picture. I would suggest that your friend shut the door and let Sophie stay by herself in the one room. Your friend just needs to make sure she has a litter box, food and water in the room with her. As long as the door is shut and the other cat can't come in, Sophie will quickly learn that the room is safe and she'll start eating again.

Have a nice trip!
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I second Lotsocats motion...She is panicked about the other cat. Just have your friend keep her in a closed room for the weekend. Maybe ask him to sit with her and just talk to her throuout the day. She should be fine since it's just a weekend.
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