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About George

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I'm pritty mad right now for those of you who read about George the first time around I thought I would let you's know George is no longer alive he was killed by dogs a few days ago I have been to upset to post before now I'm not happy with my mother or my partner right now I should have just taken him home and he would still be here sorry all have to go can't talk right now it up sets me to bad still just wanted to fill you all in
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Poor George! I'm so sorry...
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Oh, Nancy, this is tragic! I'm so very sorry.
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oh Nancy I am so very sorry you know where we all are if you do need to talk at any time
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I know how you are feeling right now. Just a couple of weeks ago, my very first cat (who was living with my cousin), got attacked by 2 dogs while she was sleeping on her front porch. She was almost 15 years old. I was and still am devastated. My heart goes out to you! PM me if you want to talk.
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Oh, I'm so sorry!
Poor George.
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How horrible - poor George. My condolences.
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I'm so sorry. Poor George. My thoughts are with you.
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I'm sorry. How horrible.
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Thank you all I can't talk or think about it to much sorry all I'm just to mad and sad I should have brought him home I have had a huge agument with my husband about it and I am not talking to my mother at all right now I'm so mad I really thought he had gone to a good home I can't belive it has happened I have to go sorry thanks again
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Nancy, so sorry for heard that, my deep condolences.......
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Oh, how sad. I am so sorry to hear about George. RIP George.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Out of respect for the memory of George, I'll move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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Oh Nancy I am so sorry to read this. RIP George
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I'm so sorry Nancy. Our condolences to you.

R.I.P. George.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP George.

Dev & Crew
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Oh poor George! May he RIP!
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How very sad Poor george
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How terrible for poor George!!! My husband's dog has killed some of my chickens, & is the prime suspect for the disappearance for my cat Ronnie last summer. I know how betrayed you and George were and I emphathize because of what my other animals went through. I originally had taken the dog (and my daughter's dogs, who had participated in killing my hens & attacked my cat Icy - with my daughter's hearty approval) to the pound, but my husband got his dog out. Then the dog kept escaping & the neighbors would turn her in, but still he bails her out. That was 2 summers ago. Last summer, my hubby got chickens & turkeys, and the dog attacked 2 turkeys when we were on vacation; my father had to shoot one of the turkeys. (We had my daughter & her husband, and my husband had his friend staying here, and his friend kept letting the dogs run loose till my daughter padlocked the dog pen, but twas too late for the turkeys). My husband seems to think that it's okay for the cats & hens to have to stay locked up, & the dogs run free & destroy whoever they want. I got lucky, though, a neighbor told our mutual vet that next time they wont call the pound, and the dogs will be gone for good, so my hubby lets me keep the dogs locked up & my hens are free-range layers. My cats can have only supervised outside time, though, because I've had my personal cat diasppear in broad daylight, for no known reason, last fall & I'm still grieving & don't want to take any chances...Hang in there & know that I'm on your side!!!Susan
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