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My cat's ears

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My 14 yo cat has been shaking her head and scratching her ear. I took a look inside and found it to be quite yucky and dirty.

My girlfriend held kitty in a towel and I wiped the outside of kitty's ear with a water moistened paper towel and then flushed her ear with betadine. Only THEN did it occur to me that maybe you can't/shouldn't flush a cat's ears with betadine. That's what we used on our dogs when they have ear problems.

Kitty seems to actually be feeling better and is done being angry at us. She was a bit off balance for a moment or two but is fine now (10 min later).

So the question: I know not to use water to flush her ears, but is it ok to use betadine purchased from the vet?

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I don't know the answer to your betadine question, but your cat probably has ear mites.
They are quite common but are a pain to get rid of. Do an internet search on ear mites to see if it sounds like what your cat has. If so, she needs ear drops to get rid of them.

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If the ears get icky like that again, I would zip in to the vet, you need to know if it's an ear infection or ear mites, as the treatment will be different depending.

I would not use betadine in ears unless you clear it with your vet and find out what the appropriate dilution is, I sure wouldn't use it full strength.
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I second the opinion your cat might have earmites. If it is mites and you have another cat the chances are s/he probably has it too. Another possibilty could be a yeast infection in her ears. My vet told me that yeast infections in their ears are common after a cat has earmites. I can't remember exactly what she said but basically the mites cause an imbalance (even after they've been successfully treated) in the ears that make it easier to get yeast infections. I don't know if your kitty has ever had earmites but I thought I would mention it.
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Oy! We have 4 cats and my mom has 3 ... mom and her kitties are temporarily living with us. We also have 4 dogs and the worlds best gekko.

One of our dogs had a very bad ear infection that took three weeks of work to clear.

I hope that we dont' have a house hold of pets with infected heds!
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Oy! is right!!
If one of them has earmites, you're gonna have to treat them all.
I hope she just has bad hygiene!!

Dev & Crew
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