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Sometimes its the little things...

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... she does that make me smile.

As I spend more time alone with Meishka I notice these little things that she does. In the morning she is right behind me as I start the day chatting away... I imagine that she tells me about her dreams from the night before.

When I feed her she sits patiently until her bowl is placed on the ground then INHALES it and meows up at me if I'm watching her... its like 'excuse me, do you mind?' She isn't very lady like when she eats.

And she hums. That is right... hums. When she asks to be petted and I give in to her she lets out this adorable content little Mmmmm.

And how at night she starts next to my feet and slowly works up to being in the crook of my arm by day break.

She feels she always needs to be center of attention... if I read she pushes herself under the book and sits so her head blocks the middle of what I am reading.

... her sudden bursts of energy. She'll sound like a little horse getting ready for the derby.

What do your kits do that just make you so glad they own you?
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aww beth, that is sweet...

if sara falls asleep next to me, i might get up to go do something, when she wakes up she comes and finds me, meowing loud and alot, as if she is scolding me for leaving her...

the way she demands treats

the way she gets up a curls up next to me on the pillow if i wake up during the night...

the way she keeps watch over me at night... if i wake up and just open one eye, she usually has one eye open and is looking back at me and then i tell her it is okay and she closes it and goes back to sleep

the way she finds it neccessary to help with any work that involves pen or paper

and the way she still snuggles right up to me at the end of the day purring her heart out, even if i had a bad day and took it out on her by scolding her for something that didnt need scolding
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They just love me unconditionally.
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When I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep and Baylee suddenly hops into bed and walks straight for the place by my pillow. That's her spot and she knows it!

When she gets cold at night and finds an opening under the covers and curls up across my legs.

When I feel like sleeping in and it's noon and she has no food in her bowl... but she's still curled up in bed next to me, with a look like "5 more minutes mom".
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Sam and Mica and I have a morning ritual, he and I bump heads when I wake up, and not wanting to be left out, Mica snuffles and rubs against my hand, chirping. I'm a sucker for my kitties
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