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I love my new job!

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I got a new job this week at a beautiful upscale day spa and salon. I love it! The stylists are all very sweet young ladies, and the boss is great. She is the mother of 2 friends of ours, so I figured she would be as nice as they are.
She runs a very tight ship, and the clients are fussed over from the minute they walk in the door, until the go back out. We even serve wine sometimes after noon if they want it.
I got an awful haircut last week, so several of the girls are going to give me a makeover as soon as we have a slow day. I have become slack in keeping up with my appearance for the last few years, but I can't do that here. It actually feels good to put on makeup and do my hair again. Being a massage therapist, I can't, and wouldn't want to use a lot of makeup, because the oil and warm rooms would melt it to a mess, but I am enjoying pampering myself a little.
The only real downside so far is my room is up a very steep flight of steps. The first floor has a small room like a barbershop for clients (men) that don't really want to feel like they are in a salon, then a big salon for the stylists and colorists. There is a big waiting area with a cathedral ceiling and skylights where the nail techs and chair massage area is. You go part way up the steps to a loft like area, where they do manicures and pedicures, then continue up the steps behind a glass wall, to the spa and massage rooms. I have a small fountain, a stained glass lantern, and beautiful candles and candle holders in my massage room. There are no windows, so she had a small mural of a window looking out in to a garden painted on the wall.
I didn't even know there was a place like this in this little dump of a city. I knew it has been there for a long time, but had no idea it was so nice! That year of driving 120 miles a day, studying like a madwoman, and stressing over my license is finally paying off. Life is good! I can't wait till they get the website up.
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Rebecca that sounds like a great place for both the clients and the people who work there! Congrats on finding such a gem of a place.
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Fabulous! I'm glad you like it... and it sounds great! I wanna come visit... I've never been to a day spa type place before!
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Sounds wonderful! I have never been to a day spa but it sounds great!
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ooh Rebecca,. did you take the classes at Wake Tech? I hear their program is very good! :P When I'm out that way, I'll come by.. do they do basalt?
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That's really, really great to hear Rebecca. It sounds like a special place where the spirit is good!
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That's fantastic, Rebecca, all your hard work was really worth it!This place sounds incredible, mind if I ask the name of the Spa? It's less than an hour away from Sierra and me, less than 30 minutes, in fact, as I type this. I'm working a little ways from you in Holly Ridge.Congratulations on your new job, I'm so happy you love it!
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The name of the place is JThomas Salon and Day Spa, and it is on Gum Branch Rd., at highway 17 in Jacksonville.
turtlecat, I went to Miller-Motte Tech in Wilmington. Wake Tech was a little too far to drive. I am not sure if we do basalt, I am still learning about all the stuff offered there. I did 2 Chocolate Kiss Body Polishes yesterday. They smell like Godiva Chocolate.
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Right there where the Burger King is at the intersection?
Chocolate Kiss Body Polish
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Congratulations on your new job. I'm so happy that everything has come right for you. find my way to this place. It sounds heavenly. And as for Chocolate body polish mmmmmm.
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It's great that you've found a place you like!
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Yes, Dawn, if you turn at the Burger King, it is in the little shopping center behind the car lot behind the BK. There is also a dog and cat salon there next to us, so you can bring sweet Sierra for a day of pampering, too. She might not like is so well, they have a lot of yappy dogs there.
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Oh that sounds wonderful! Way to go!
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I know just where that is, Rebecca! Wouldn't that be fun, Sierra and I can both have a day at the spa!
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Oh Rebecca.........I want to come visit!!! It sounds like heaven. Isn't if wonderful to work at a place that you enjoy!???
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