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Am I bad?

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Here is the dilema.
Cat hasn't eaten much since Wed and she now refuses to eat the Hills s/d that she is to eat until this coming Wed.
I tried cooked chicken, chicken broth, heating the food and everything. Nothing. she would take 2 bites and turn up her nose and walk away.

So tonight after trying everything....I went and purchased some Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul food. Wet and dry.
Came home.. gave her a few pieces of the dry.. she gobbled it down.. opened the wet.. before I could get the top all the way off of the can she was licking the food... So I gave her some of it and she inhaled it.

So am I bad to do this?
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What is she eating the s/d for?
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had a UTI with crystals. she seems happier now that she has eaten. we could get nothing down her. I figure something wet down her was better than nothing and being dehydrated.
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Maybe you could mix the s/d and the food she is supposed to be eating? So she would still be getting the food she needs but still have the desire to eat it? Obviously, eating the other food is better than nothing at all.

You would have to check with your vet on this one but there is also other urinary foods such as Waltham's Urinary SO or Purina's UR? Perhaps she would prefer one of those.
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