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Cat will not leave windowsill - sulking or what?

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I am really worried about my 4 year old cat, Fargo. For the past five days or so, he has taken up a post on one of our windowsills and refuses to leave it for any reason. He will even fall asleep, fall off, but then jump right back up. He must be eating and using the litter pan, but we never see him do it. He does not seem to be in any discomfort other than having some sort of mange on the base of his tail which I have treated with antibiotic cream and is healing nicely.

The most obvious cause of his behavior is that we have a new kitty in the house. But the young, feisty Clarence has been in the house for nearly 3 months and other than the initial strangeness, Fargo seemed to adjust to him fine. They were even playing together. So why this sudden refusal to leave the windowsill.

Fargo is my middle cat. I also have a 12 year old Maine Coon, Wilbur, who has been with me since a kitten and so Fargo has always had another cat in his house.

I'm just baffled. Thoughts, anyone?
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What is outside the window. Is there a new bird or squirrel nest. Maybe some type of action is keeping him glued to the window (the window is my cats' TV
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The behavior just seems too extreme to attribute it to something he sees outside. I have had cats all my life and I have never seen any behavior so obsessive. My Maine Coon insists his water dish must be spilled all over the floor but even that daily obsessive behavior is mild compared to this. He's there night and day. He falls asleep and falls off. I'm afraid he's going to get hurt.
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The only thing that comes to mind is that he may be depressed or sulking. He may just be trying to hang out above and away from his troubles. He may not be feeling well either. Last time I had a cat get sick, she tried her hardest to stay away from everyone in the house and would go find a place to hide and sleep. Can you think back to the day he started and try to pinpoint something out of the ordinary?
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I have owned cats for many years too. Have you considered the possibility of either pain or illness as the reason Fargo's behavior has changed and he has been sitting in the window sill for about 5 days? Cats are very good at hiding physical problems, and I would be worried too. If it were my cat, I would take the cat to the vet to have a physical cause either ruled out or treated.

Good luck!
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I thank you all for your thoughts. My concern for the cat is deepening. He is not really staring out the window, but into a corner and is also having "accidents" on the floor. I will take him to the vet ASAP and let you all know what happens.
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I hope he is okay. Please remember to give us an update and let us know how he's doing.
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Please let us know how Fargo is doing. My thoughts are with you.
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Thanks again for your support. I am taking Fargo to the vet tonight. I did some more research on the internet and discovered his "mange" is actually miliary dermatitis. When on the base of the tail like his is, it is usually caused by flea bites, which is a possibility since the kitten I adopted in August did have fleas. Since my cats are strictly indoor cats, this is not a problem I have dealt with for several years. Anyway, the info I got also said the miliary dermatitis may be an indicator of another problem, so hopefully the vet can get to the bottom of this.

Ironically, I adopted Fargo from a no kill shelter exactly 4 years ago today. He is pure black - a true Halloween cat who had been moved into foster care until after the holiday to protect him from the wierdos who look for black cats to sacrifice to the devil at this time of year. I was carefully scrutinized to make sure I wanted him for a pet. Last December we almost lost him to a urinary tract blockage and now this. I just want my old Fargo back, the one who loves to sit on our laps, comes dashing into the kitchen for his morning treats and sleeps on his own personal "blankie" to sleep on in front of the fireplace. I'm rambling. I'm sorry. I guess it just when they get sick that you realize how much they mean to you.
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I wanted to let you all know that I took Fargo to the vet this evening and he was running a fever of 104 degrees. The vet found he also had sores on his legs as well as the miliary dermatitis and a broken fang - the poor baby. I felt like such a neglectful owner. She thinks he has an allergy to something - to what I don't yet know. But thanks for the advice to take him to the vet. I guess any unusual behavior is cause for concern. It seems every cat has his or her own way of letting you know something is wrong. When my Maine Coon, Wilbur, had a bladder infection, he let us know by peeing on our bed. Can you believe people actually told me I should kick him out of the house? I knew something was wrong that time.

Anyway, Fargo should be fine - although he went right back to the windowsill when I brought him home. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. This is such a great site!

Melanie (kitty mom of three)
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I really hope he starts feeling better soon. You should not feel as though you neglected him. You were aware of the changes and did what most of us would do, watch him and see what's going on. Now you will be there for him and help to make him feel better.
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Am so glad you found out what has been bothering your Fargo. You were so smart to take him to the vet.
Hope he'll be feeling like his old self soon; please keep us posted on his progress.
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I am glad to see Fargo will be ok! Don't feel like you neglected him ....... sometimes it is hard to tell. You should feel better that you took him in! Keep us updated ..... would like to hear how he is doing!
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I hope Fargo will be feeling better soon. Give us updates.
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I am pleased to tell you all that Fargo is much better already. He's still not very mobile, but he's traded the windowsill for a blanket on the floor below, an idea he rejected just two days ago.

This morning he came into the kitchen and begged for treats for the first time in two weeks. And of course he did get treats - lots of them!

Thanks again for all your advice and kind words.
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I'm glad he is doing better. Begging for treats has got to be a good sign!
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That's wonderful news! Soon he will be his old self again!
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